7 Barbie Dreamhouses from around the world we wish we could live in

7 Barbie Dreamhouses from around the world we wish we could live in

AI reimagined Barbie Dreamhouses around the world and the results are making us jealous of Barbie.
10 Jul, 2023

Last night marked Barbie’s star-studded premiere as all the Barbies and Kens of Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated film Barbie took to the pink carpet in Los Angeles. With the film set to release in cinemas in less than two weeks, Barbie and everything related to the iconic doll has never been more popular, including her famous dreamhouse.

One of the most highly anticipated elements of Gerwigs’s film is watching Barbie’s dreamhouse come to life and she has not disappointed. From the few short trailers that have been released, audiences are treated to a glamorous life-sized recreation of the dreamhouse in all its glory. With its signature pink facade and pristine furniture, it resembles the toy closely, which got people wondering what Barbie’s dreamhouse would look like in their own country.

With the help of AI, Buzzfeed fulfilled all of our wishes and reimagined Barbie’s Dreamhouse for every country in the world. From laid-back Mediterranean villas to prestigious European castles, there is something for everyone. After viewing all of the individual Dreamhouses, here are our top seven picks.


With a magnificent view of the blue waters of the Mediterranean, this Dreamhouse already has a lot going for it. In varying pastel shades, it’s a few storeys tall meaning there is more than enough space for Barbie and the rest of her gang, which was a running problem in the usual Dreamhouse.

The arches and columns are reminiscent of traditional Italian architecture. This Dreamhouse is simply so charming, it’s making us wish it was real.


This Barbie Dreamhouse encapsulates Dutch townhouses perfectly. Perhaps the most authentically traditional on this list, it instantly reminded us of the country it came from. An interesting detail is that each part of the building has different elements, meaning that from a distance they appear the same, but up close can one truly admire the diversity of Dutch architecture. The varying pink flowers are a nice addition of Barbie’s signature shade.


This fairytale Barbie castle from Armenia captures the essence of Barbie perfectly. With its pink towers and turrets it could belong in any fairy princess interpretation of the doll. The flowering pink roses, wrapping around the Dreamhouse and the shimmering glass windows are a nice touch. The details on this Dreamhouse are so Barbie that we can almost imagine the doll herself leisurely strutting down her bubblegum-pink stairs.


This Dreamhouse has a whimsical feeling to it, so it’s not a reach to imagine it in a fantasy world. The white trimmings complement the pale pink facade of the building. One positive thing about this Dreamhouse is the way nature has been incorporated into it. The varying shades of flowers found in strategic points throughout the building, gardens and grass-framed steps all add to the fairytale aesthetic of the Dreamhouse.


Featuring traditional domes, arches and balconies, this Dreamhouse is an ode to the old. The brightly-lit entrance is warm and welcoming as if just waiting for you to step inside. Beautifully detailed, this elegant dreamhouse speaks for itself. We do, however, wish that Barbie’s patented pink had been incorporated a little more into this Dreamhouse.


Hailing from the land of nomads and warriors, this coral-coloured Dreamhouse has some of the most well-thought out details in the list. With intricately carved balconies, arches and pillars, this Dreamhouse reflects traditional Afghani architecture perfectly. The miniature tables, armchairs and plant pots tie the look together. We only wish that the Dreamhouse had featured Barbie’s iconic bubblegum and fuchsia colours a little more.


Although a lot less extravagant than other Dreamhouses on this list, this Dreamhouse is still classy and elegant. The delicately carved pink trimmings and balcony balustrades enhance the charm of this Cuban townhouse. The palm trees on either side add to the relaxed beach vibe, making this Dreamhouse ideal for a calm day staring at the ocean. One of our favourite elements is that it comes with Barbie’s vintage, pale pink car.

Bonus — Pakistan

After viewing the other Barbie Dreamhouses, we had high hopes for Pakistan’s very own Barbie Dreamhouse but it was quite disappointing. The golden doors did not gel well with the pink building, which itself was an awkward amalgamation of different traditional styles.

Since Pakistan is a very diverse country which has lived through many different periods, its architecture reflects its history. From British-constructed Victorian buildings to Mughal era heritage sites, Pakistani architecture has a lot of variety. Even then, this Dreamhouse fails to reflect any one of these styles and comes across as a poor attempt at capturing the true essence of Pakistani culture. What are those cones at the top of the building?

With that being said, seeing our very own pink Dreamhouse definitely fulfilled some childhood dreams.

After viewing all of these fantastic Dreamhouses, we can only hope that Mattel, the manufacturing company behind Barbie, takes inspiration from some of these designs and decides to bring them to life for all of us to enjoy!