There’s more to Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte’s coronation crowns than just pretty accessories

There’s more to Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte’s coronation crowns than just pretty accessories

The silver flower crowns pay tribute to King Charles and the theme of his coronation.
06 May, 2023

King Charles has officially been crowned King of England but our eyes were, as always, on the women of the family and their sartorial choices and nothing was as eye-catching as the matching headwear chosen by Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, and her daughter Princess Charlotte.

Both royals chose designs by British designer Alexander McQueen to wear at the coronation along with matching silver bullion and crystal flower crowns by Jess Collect and Alexander McQueen, according to Vogue.

Kate’s featured a double row of ornate leaves while eight-year-old Charlotte’s featured a single row.

According to the publication, the choice was in part due to King Charles’ love for nature and in part an incorporation of a theme that remained constant throughout the king’s coronation — that of the Green Man.

According to The Guardian, the Green Man is an ancient figure from British folklore that is symbolic of spring and rebirth. The shape of the Green Man, who is often depicted crowned in leaves and other natural foliage, is formed of leaves of oak, ivy and hawthorn, and the emblematic flowers of the UK — the rose, the shamrock, the thistle and the daffodil, all of which represent the four countries that make up the kingdom.

The king is also known to be a champion of environmental activism and fond of nature, so the choice to wear something so visually in line with this is quite symbolic.

Another reason for their headgear being floated about online is that they didn’t want to be too flashy at a time when their country is going through economic turmoil, which is interesting, given that it is estimated that the entire coronation event will cost the UK between 50 and 100 million pounds.

We already know that Kate is very careful in her choice of clothes and accessories — as demonstrated by her jewellery choices at Prince Phillip’s and Queen Elizabeth’s funerals — so we should have expected this. It’ll be interesting to see whether Charlotte continues in her mother’s footsteps when it comes to highly symbolic fashion.