Imran Abbas, Neelam Muneer and Nimra Khan to star in upcoming drama Ehraam-e-Janoon

Imran Abbas, Neelam Muneer and Nimra Khan to star in upcoming drama Ehraam-e-Janoon

The drama is another love triangle but Abbas calls it different from what he has done before.
05 May, 2023

Actors Imran Abbas, Neelam Muneer and Nimra Khan will be starring in the upcoming drama Ehraam-e-Janoon, which is an intense story about a love triangle and “loving beyond limits”.

The trailer shows Abbas playing Shaani, a waiter and delivery man working at a restaurant. He meets a spoiled, privileged girl named Shanzay, played by Muneer, who asks him about his qualifications, to which he replies “MBA”. She responds in a demeaning manner, “Aur tum yeh kaam ker rahey ho?” [And you’re doing this?]

We hope her attitude doesn’t carry on throughout the show because it was very insensitive and demeaning. The trailer certainly shows Shanzay as a condescending character, and we hope the show highlights how messed up her words are.

The trailer later shows Shanzay asking her father to fire an old employee and hire Shaani instead.

Abbas spoke to Images about his experience on this project. “It’s a different love story, I haven’t been part of anything like this before. I don’t want to be typecasted anymore, I refused several projects before this. Also, I stopped working after my mother’s death but then I felt it’s been a lot of time, that’s when I chose this project,” he said.

“I was skeptical before doing the project as it was clashing with a project I was shooting for in London but the creators managed the dates for me,” he added.

This will be the first time the trio are working together, though Abbas and Muneer have worked on a project in their early years in which they played siblings. “It was a wonderful experience and there was no negativity on the shoot,” the Amanat actor said.

“It was a lot of fun. Neelum is a very good actor. I had only seen one of her projects, Dil Mom Ka Diya and I was thrilled to see how good she is. When I worked with her this time, I noticed that she’s a very focused person and a really good co-star to work with,” he added.

The drama is produced by 7th Sky Entertainment, which has worked with all three actors before in different projects. It is directed by Jhooti’s creator Syed Ramish Rizvi and penned by Uraan writer Jahanzeb Qamar. It will premiere on May 8 on Geo Entertainment.

Other than this project, Abbas revealed that he will be seen in an upcoming drama, Tumhare Husn Ke Naam with Saba Qamar, which will be released on Green Entertainment and he’ll be shooting for a US-Indo Punjabi film, which is an intense musical love story in London next month.

Muneer was last seen in Pyar Deewangi Hai and Khan will be seen in this drama after a year’s break, as her last project was Geo Entertainment drama Pyar Deewangi Hai in 2021.