You’ll be on a watermelon sugar high with this delicious ‘watermelon pizza’

You’ll be on a watermelon sugar high with this delicious ‘watermelon pizza’

It's watermelon season and you know what that means — trying fun and different ways of eating our favourite fruit.
01 May, 2023

Some food items are just so very pretty, delicious-looking and irresistible that you have to make and eat them.

Watermelon pizza is one such tempting dessert that I couldn’t get off my mind until I made it and had it. And I am glad I did, for it was everything that it looks like — sweet, juicy, creamy, refreshing and light.

Watermelon pizza is a different take on the more traditional fruit pizza, where a cookie crust is used as the base. Here, the crust is a delicious slice of juicy watermelon, covered in cream and fruits. Technically, this is a fruit salad, or dessert, dressed up as a pizza.

Traditionally, cream cheese frosting (made with cream cheese and Greek yoghurt) is used in fruit pizzas, but as I like to use easily available ingredients and less expensive alternatives, I simply I opted for fresh cream, sweetened with icing sugar. And I loved how the light creamy sweetness complemented the cool, juicy, fresh fruits!

For the topping, use fresh fruits of different colours, that can be sliced into small pieces or placed whole, like berries. Since strawberries are the only berries available these days, I used that, along with kiwi fruit, banana and cheeku (mud apples). I used pieces of banana-flavoured jelly to add more colour, texture and taste.


100g fresh cream

2 tablespoons powdered sugar

1 banana

1 kiwi

2-3 strawberries

Jelly pieces


It is super easy to put together, and the ingredients really do not require any proper measurement, since you use as much stuff as you want to use and need, depending on the size of the watermelon. I made only one pizza, using one slice of a medium-sized watermelon, cut about 2 inches thick, and had a good amount of fruits pieces leftover, not to mention watermelon, which we consumed later on.

In a medium bowl, beat cream and powdered sugar until nice and smooth. Cover and chill while preparing the fruits. Slice watermelon right down the middle and cut a two to three-inch thick round slice.

Using a spatula, spread an even layer of cream around the watermelon, leaving a bit of empty space at the edge. Layer the fresh fruit and jelly on top as you please, adding as little or as much as you like!

You can also opt to cut smaller slices (triangles) of watermelon and then top it with cream and fruits individually, but I find that too time-consuming. Chill until time to serve. For best results, prepare the ingredients and then assemble the pizza closer to serving time, otherwise the fruit pieces on top can get a little shrivelled.

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Originally published in Dawn, Young World, April 8th, 2023