‘Mission Majnu successful?’: Day 2 of power outage comes with more memes and conspiracy theories

Published 24 Jan, 2023 01:16pm

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Did Sidharth Malhotra lose his way to the nuclear plant and disrupt the power plant instead?

There may be no light at home but something in Pakistanis’ heads has lit up as they make the connection between recently released Indian spy thriller Mission Majnu and the ongoing power outage. Sidharth Malhotra’s undercover mission was to investigate the nuclear plant Pakistan was building. Three days after the film’s release, there’s a massive electricity shutdown. Coincidence? Or did Amandeep Singh target the wrong plant? Pakistani Twitter has their own theories.

On Tuesday, Minister for Energy Khurram Dastgir talked about the investigation into the breakdown in a televised address and said the government suspected “foreign intervention such as hacking of systems”. Though he added that the chances of it are slim, that didn’t stop netizens from milking their theories, claiming Mission Majnu was successful.

They needed answers to this “mystery” and now they’ve got them. Fabricated screenshot to cause maximum confusion? Check.

A demonstration, because why not?

That would be real dedication from the film’s marketing team.

On a more realistic note, this is what actually happened after power was restored last night.

The bliss was shortlived though.



Current state of affairs:

Na bijli hai, na pani hai [There is no electricity or water] but we sure do have a lot of memes. Hang in there!