Who would have thought KE would have Twitter chuckling at its response to Mohammed Hanif's tweet?

Published 02 Jul, 2021 04:46pm

Images Staff

It was a departure from their usual "responded in DM" and everyone appreciated that.

Every once in a while we see something on Twitter that makes us chuckle. Today's tweet of the day came from an unlikely source — K-Electric.

Yes, as unbelievable as it is, we're talking about the company responsible for providing power to Karachi. Most residents of the city consider K-Electric to be the bane of their existence and rarely if ever have nice things to say about it.

It began when author Mohammed Hanif posted (rather unbelievably) about missing K-Electric after experiencing power outages in Lahore.

The response from K-Electric's official account left most of us chuckling as it was a departure from their usual "responded in DM" or apologies for power outages.

"What are people if not the sum total of their memories? Thank you for including us in yours," wrote the account to the amusement of everyone who read it. Who knew our city's electricity provider employed budding novelists?

Journalist Owais Tohid believes the person behind the account deserves to be a columnist.

Zarrar Khuhro gave them props.

Some people said the account was on fire.

Others believed it was a romantic comedy (or tragedy) in the making.

It was definitely better than the usual.

Perhaps they should be writing for someone else, said Ayesha Tammy Haq.

Another budding author emerged with this masterpiece:

We can't say we miss K-Electric when we go on vacation but it's most definitely part of our memories — show us the Karachiite whose memories don't involve hours of load-shedding in the sweltering heat. Though many people appreciated the company's response, others just want uninterrupted power supply instead of witty tweets.