Are you facing loadshedding? Pakistani Twitter has some memes for you

Are you facing loadshedding? Pakistani Twitter has some memes for you

Netizens are using humour as a coping mechanism to deal with power outages during Ramazan and the heat wave.
28 Apr, 2022

If you have called your power utility company at least once in your life, congratulations, you have earned the premium Pakistani badge. Being Pakistani means making loadshedding part of your dictionary early on and revisiting it time after time to realise that you may have aged but your friend found a way to remain the same throughout these years. We may be undergoing countrywide power outages but you can always count on Pakistani Twitter to have your back with memes.

The loadshedding is outdoing itself this time around with up to 12 hours of no electricity in several areas in Karachi. Netizens have taken to Twitter to talk about the terrible conditions, especially agitated that it is happening in the month of Ramazan where most of the day is spent fasting. That too in the midst of a heatwave. But even in troubling times, Pakistani Twitter finds a way to convey its message through memes and get some laughs out of all of us.

Presenting: Meme galore.

Twitter users are particularly concerned with the loadshedding schedule.

It's ghum hour every hour.

We have to salute this user's optimism!

Does this solve the chicken and egg question?

We can't stop the loadshedding but we hope these memes gave you some laughs!