American distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories to release Saim Sadiq’s Joyland in the US

American distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories to release Saim Sadiq’s Joyland in the US

Filmmaker Sean Baker retweeted the distributor's announcement, calling it "great news" and Joyland a "beautiful film".
09 Jan, 2023

Saim Sadiq’s Joyland has earned itself yet another international fan, this time in a fellow filmmaker. Sean Baker of films The Florida Project, Red Rocket and Tangerine took to Twitter and lauded American film distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories’ decision to release the film in the US.

On Sunday, Baker tweeted, “Great news. Oscilloscope is releasing Saim Sadiq’s beautiful film. Happens to be the first Pakistani film to be shortlisted for the Oscars,” in response to Oscilloscope Laboratories tweet, announcing that Joyland has joined their “O-Scope family” as they are proud to release the much “captivating and essential” Pakistani film. The distribution company also announced that it will be available to watch in cinemas this year.

The official Instagram account of film Joyland re-shared Baker’s tweet and wrote, “We love Florida Project, Tangerine and Red Rocket and to have the support of the filmmaker who gave us these gems means the world. Thank you Sean Baker.”

Oscilloscope Laboratories is an independent film distribution company owned by rapper Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys. Based in New York, the company has a recording studio and film production facilities.

The news comes after Sadiq’s Joyland was shortlisted for the Oscars in the Best International Feature Film category. It’ll be competing against Argentina’s Argentina, 1985, Austria’s Corsage, France’s Saint Omer, Morocco’s The Blue Caftan, and India’s Last Film Show among others this year at the 95th Academy Awards in March.

Joyland may be releasing worldwide by now, however, its release in Pakistan was a tricky affair. After being cleared by the censor board, it was declared “uncertified” for containing “highly objectionable material” that went against Pakistani society’s “social values and moral standards”. After facing backlash from celebrities and the general public for this decision, PM Shehbaz Sharif formed a committee to review this decision and the ban was rescinded. Punjab reinstated the ban in its jurisdiction though the film was released everywhere else in the country and amassed glowing reviews.


John Jan 09, 2023 03:54pm
where to watch this movie?
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Badar Jan 09, 2023 03:57pm
He will also get reward don't worry
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Jan 09, 2023 04:06pm
Bring it on.
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Ahmad Jan 09, 2023 06:46pm
Great news. I hope our filmmakers will make more great movies like Joyland.
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Truth be told Jan 09, 2023 07:04pm
Of course, whatever will be in line with the agenda of West, will be lauded. No surprise there. But the fact of the matter remains that Pakistanis still can't differentiate between an intersex, transexual, transgender and cross dressers. Having put all under one umbrella creates a dilemma while religion only supports intersex/hermaphrodite. Transexual being the transgenders who identify different from their sex at birth and have undergone surgery. Cross dressers need no definition. Now under the garb of the rules for intersex/hermaphrodites, when transgenders, transexuals and cross dressers dominate and don't come on the radar, this is what causes problems for future generations religion-wise, culturally and intellectually. Kindly, be clear about the concepts so correct decisions are taken and anti-religious agenda doesn't get promoted when people lack proper knowledge.
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Ehsan Jan 09, 2023 07:31pm
Pakistan is an example what happens when state gets into the business of faith and morality
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nk Jan 09, 2023 08:26pm
200 million budgeted by US for gender equality and the so called democracy in Pakistan is working hard.
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Ahmed Jan 09, 2023 10:22pm
Pathetic film.
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S.A.M. Jan 10, 2023 01:40am
What do they get by promoting madness. Are the supporters of lgbt not happy with the woman marrying man n leading a normal marriage life with kids of their own?
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justsomeguy Jan 10, 2023 01:54am
They will continue to promote this filth and find "Artistic" value in it. The moment you go LGBTA/ Transgender/ Feminist route, suddenly you are the next Spielberg. Its so tribal.
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Top Gun Jan 10, 2023 07:30am
Unfortunately, religious intolerance in Pakistan has reached it’s highest peak. If you are a muslim you are allowed to have a life, otherwise you dont. What a sad place.
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Ahmed Jan 10, 2023 09:31am
@Top Gun there are many non Muslims is Pakistan with very good lives.
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