Hadiqa Kiani clears rumours about not attending HUM Awards, says the channel did not discriminate against her

Hadiqa Kiani clears rumours about not attending HUM Awards, says the channel did not discriminate against her

The actor thinks she was not "worthy of winning" an award this year but assured her fans she got one for Best New Sensation for her drama Raqeeb Se.
03 Oct, 2022

This year’s HUM Awards have been the talk of town after celebrities flocked to Canada to attend the award show. But some of those who didn’t attend attracted rumours stating that they were being snubbed by the channel. Hadiqa Kiani took to Instagram and shared that HUM TV did not “discriminate” against her for not attending and felt like it was her duty to clear it out as we “don’t need more rumours in this world”.

On Monday, the Dobara actor shared a video from the award show and wrote that she had been away from social media as she was busy sharing information regarding floods in Pakistan but was made aware by friends and family about the “controversies” around those in attendance.

“My social media accounts have received countless messages, tweets, TikToks and YouTube videos where people are very upset that I didn’t win an award because I did not attend. Although I do not think I was worthy of winning an award this year, I want to make it clear that I was presented with Best New Sensation award this year for my performance in Raqeeb Se,” she wrote.

Kiani credited costar Iqra Aziz for messaging her about the win as well as Ammar Kashif, wife of director Kashif Nisar, who first congratulated the actor via call about the award and sent her the video.

She added, “Like I said, I don’t believe I deserve the award but I want to make clear that HUM TV did not discriminate against me because I did not attend. They are not asking me to post this but I feel it my duty to make that clear. We don’t need more rumours in this world.”

The ‘Boohey Barian’ singer thanked the cast and crew of Raqeeb Se and congratulated them for the awards their drama got at the event. In her note of appreciation she said the drama was a “labour of love” and thanked drama writer Bee Gul for her “excellent writing”.

She also addressed people who are upset and have their reasons by saying that instead of getting anger at others or the situation itself, people should find solutions and help each other.

“This doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the good or do our jobs, this just means that we have to continue to do our part in making the world just a little bit better. One step at a time,” wrote Kiani.

On Friday, Mahira Khan responded to criticism for attending the award show and the “unkind commentary” she faced for not doing “enough” for the flood relief efforts. While assuring the netizen who criticised her that she was doing her part, she retorted that if it makes anyone happy, she could take photos but then it would be “showing off doing charity”.

Before the Superstar actor, actors Ushna Shah, Ahmed Ali Butt, Zhalay Sarhadi, Mariyam Nafees and model Nadia Hussain defended the entertainment fraternity against criticism for attending the show abroad at a time when Pakistan has been hit by widespread and devastating floods.