Twitter’s intrigued by the political dialogue, new locations and star cast of Meri Shehzadi

Twitter’s intrigued by the political dialogue, new locations and star cast of Meri Shehzadi

The serial stars Urwa Hocane, Ali Rehman Khan, Muhammad Qavi Khan, Shamim Hilaly, Atiqa Odho, Shabbir Jan, Nauman Masood and others.
24 Sep, 2022

Urwa Hocane is back on our TV screens in her new show Meri Shehzadi alongside Muhammad Qavi Khan, Shamim Hilaly, Ali Rehman and others. The just aired and may have showed her close relationship with her grandparents, but the rather unique take on family dynamics has netizens talking.

On Friday, the first episode aired on HUM TV that saw Hocane as Dania, a young woman who has been raised by her grandparents and lives with them after her father remarried and abandoned her. Dania is from a family of politicians and the drama opens to a small celebration for her birthday. She receives a text from her father, showing he only remembers her once a year.

The main focus of the show seems to be n family politics, envy and the turbulent life Dania will face and the first episode impressed netizens for its unique storytelling.

The new show has everyone excited, especially this user who thinks it looks interesting.

There were people who found it intriguing.

For this user the first episode was a “pleasant surprise” because of the dialogue and performances by the actors.

Another believes it looks like a good story and said they had gotten sick of writer Zanjabeel Azim’s other “commercialised scripts” that seem to go off topic in order to stretch them out.

The pilot episode was good, particularly because of the new landscape and the veteran actors, for this user, but they hope that the story doesn’t take a typical turn with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law conflicts.

Some people think it’s a copy of Netflix’s The Crown.

One viewer was reminded of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s words.

Another found that some scenes were abruptly cut but otherwise it was a good introduction. “Qavi sahab has some sadly realistic dialogues. the whole political thing,, they will be showing, looks interesting,” they wrote.

Prior to its release, a press release stated that the serial is said to have a glimpse of love, anguish and tragedy as the drama captures “the reminiscence of Lady Diana” in Dania. Hocane’s character is a political leader, a philanthropist who has won the hearts of people where she resides.

Two years ago, the actor made her TV comeback with Mushk alongside Imran Ashraf. A year later Hocane was seen in multiple TV shows such as horror show Neeli Zinda Hai, Amanat with Imran Abbas and Saboor Aly and most recently Badzaat with Ashraf. Now the actor has been paired with Rehman, with whom she has never shared a screen before.

Hocane is also gearing up for her production debut for Tich Button which stars Farhan Saeed, Feroze Khan, Iman Ali and Sonya Hussyn. It will be releasing in theatres nationwide on October 28.