Farhan Saeed and Feroze Khan are on the run in Tich Button's teaser

Updated 10 Feb, 2020 05:08pm

Images Staff

Iman Aly and Sonya Hussyn also star in the flick which features Urwa Hocane as a producer

Tich Button boasts a lot of reasons as to why we should be excited for the film.

From Farhan Saeed's cinematic debut, to Urwa Hocane's debut as a producer to Iman Aly's return to the silver screen, we get it.

Now the teaser for the film has dropped and is making sure we stay on the edge of our seats in anticipation.

The vibrant and colourful trailer shows Farhan Saeed and Feroze Khan jumping and running across town. Iman Aly and Sonya Hussyn also pop up and while the teaser hints at romance, it is unclear what the plot of the film will be at this point.

We have to say though, we're enjoying the visuals. Here's hoping this is a film we'll enjoy when it's out on Eid-ul-Fitr!