Move over Hamza, it’s time for Hira Umer’s Maryam to shine in Mere Humsafar

Move over Hamza, it’s time for Hira Umer’s Maryam to shine in Mere Humsafar

The second last episode saw Hala's stepsister jumping in to defend her when Hamza comes over to their place to find out the truth about his sister Rumi.
16 Sep, 2022

TV show Mere Humsafar shot to fame when Hania Aamir’s Hala and Farhan Saeed’s Hamza’s chemistry took people by surprise, forming a strong fanbase for Halza. But the spark faded with each episode as the show shifted focus from their bond to the rest of the family. Now, with only one episode to go, netizens are focusing on one character — Hala’s stepsister Maryam, played by Hira Umer.

Like every week, Saeed’s Hamza impressed people with his acting but when it came to dialogue, Maryam stole the show. This week’s episode revealed that Hamza’s sister, Rumi, played by Hira Khan, secretly got married to someone she had showed interest in but was rejected by her mother Shahjehan, played by Saba Hameed, due to his socio-economic status.

Now that he has stopped responding to Rumi, she seeks help from Hala when Maryam pokes fun at her and later at Hamza on how tables have turned. She asked if he would behave the same way with her as he did with Hala and mistreat her.

This user doesn’t want anyone dissing Maryam and neither do we.

Her dialogues were also praised specifically when she brought Hamza’s mother and aunt into the conversation.

Another user addressed those hating Umer’s character and said she is “the voice of the audience” who is trying to stand up against Hameed’s character.

In the initial episodes, the grandmother, played by Samina Ahmed, was the only character who stood up to Shahjehan and her cruel behaviour towards Hala.

Not everyone was happy with her dialogue though.

Another was surprised to find out that Rumi shared her worries with Hala instead of her family.

Some users were sick and tired of Shahjehan.

Saeed’s stans arrived and dedicated a tweet for his performance for the “pain and sadness” in his eyes.

There were also users calling Mere Humsafar “one of the worst written dramas” because of how nothing makes sense anymore, especially the relationship between the on-screen couple.

Saeed has two dramas currently on air — Badshah Begum in which he plays Pir Shahzaib and Mere Humsafar. But his role as Hamza in Mere Humsafar has been talked about more for not being a typical toxic male lead.

The show also has Omer Shahzad, Zoya Nasir, Tara Mahmood, Waseem Abbas, Aamir Qureshi and Alyy Khan.


Zafar Sep 16, 2022 06:16pm
OMG What a waste of time. I haven't witnessed such poor directions ever. Repetition, missing common sense, poor acting the plot it all sucked big time. I am glad it will be over soon.
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Isthisreal Sep 17, 2022 04:47am
Not seen this but looks like another example of trash production..
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M. Emad Sep 17, 2022 05:59am
Rubbish drama ---- devoid of reality & reason.
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