Mere Humsafar’s latest episodes garners mixed reviews — people love Farhan Saeed’s acting but demand better writing

Mere Humsafar’s latest episodes garners mixed reviews — people love Farhan Saeed’s acting but demand better writing

The new episode saw Saeed's Hamza defend Hania Aamir's Hala when his mother tried to kick her out of their house but with the drama came some bad dialogue.
29 Jul, 2022

Drama Mere Humsafar has been trending ever since Hamza (Farhan Saeed) and Hala (Hania Aamir) tied the knot on-screen. Their chemistry and unbreakable bond as well as their acting have earned a soft spot in the hearts of many netizens. However, the latest episode has fans divided — some fans appreciating Saeed’s acting and Hamza’s vulnerability while others are calling the drama out for toxic dialogue and a stretched out storyline.

The latest episode saw Hamza and Hala facing challenges of their own with their grandmother passing away and Hala’s father Nafees (Alyy Khan) returning. Hamza is struggling to face Hala over her past relationship which was revealed by his mother Shahjahaan (Saba Hameed) as a result of the rage that she had against Hala ever since she set her foot in the house.

In the recent episode Hala finally spoke up after staying quiet about her aunt’s actions against her. However, this results in her being pushed by Shahjahaan and a demand that she be taken away. In response, Hamza stops his uncle Nafees from taking his daughter Hala abroad with him and her stepsister, saying that she’s carrying his child and therefore cannot leave the house.

Hamza and Hala are now hardly able to communicate and this has fans conflicted. Some loved Saeed’s acting as Hamza while others hoped for more from his character.

For this user, in a world full of toxic male leads, one should be like Hamza.

Users were in awe of Saeed’s acting.

Some tears were shed for Hamza.

One user loved how Hamza protected Hala in the recent episode despite not being on speaking terms with his wife.

For this user, Saeed’s acting and expressions are on point but the dialogue isn’t up to par.

Others felt that the writer is snatching away their Hamza by making him do things that are out of character.

One user couldn’t get over the out of place music and dialogue. “I think Hala is just as disgusted as me,” they wrote.

This user felt like their favourite male lead is “on the verge of getting destroyed”.

No communication here.

Saeed has two dramas on air — Badshah Begum in which he plays Pir Shahzaib and Mere Humsafar. But his role as Hamza in Mere Humsafar has been talked about more for not being a typical toxic male lead.

But that doesn’t mean people are all happy with the drama. Recently, Mere Humsafar was called out for a dragging storyline and being repetitive.


AinOther Jul 29, 2022 02:38pm
Farhan's acting was matchless and also endless was the flood of Hania's tears. She alone could have inundated Karachi and Mumbai with her ever flowing floodgates. Had hoti hai.
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Sherin Bakhsh Jul 29, 2022 06:16pm
I think enough crying by Hala.she needs to become bolder..behaving like a door mat
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