Netizens are disappointed to see Mere Humsafar repeat scenes from Humsafar

Published 08 Jul, 2022 04:40pm

Images Staff

A lot of people on Pakistani Twitter think the drama is a "drag" and the "repetitive" story feels like "being caught in a bad nightmare".

<p>Photo: ARY Digital/YouTube</p>

Photo: ARY Digital/YouTube

It has been 11 years since the release of Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan’s Humsafar but fans haven’t forgotten it — in fact, no one has. That’s why fans weren’t very happy about drama Mere Humsafar taking inspiration from the “OG” show.

After the release of the latest episode of Farhan Saeed and Hania Aamir’s drama on Thursday, netizens took to Twitter to express their frustration with the show for not only copying its namesake but also dragging the story on with the same “saas bahu walay natak [mother-in-law daughter-in-law drama]” instead of moving the story forward.

They were especially disappointed with the next episode’s promo depicting the same scenes as Humasafar.

Some people are only watching for “Farhanu” now.

Others have abandoned the show altogether.

People want the cycle of saas bahu drama to end.

Some viewers think it’s getting too “depressing” and would prefer an uplifting storyline instead.

Fans don’t understand how, despite the “dramatic” and “unrealistic” parts, it is trending.

What’s your take on the drama?