‘We need to be there for the people of Pakistan’: Bella Hadid raises awareness about rain-induced flood damage

‘We need to be there for the people of Pakistan’: Bella Hadid raises awareness about rain-induced flood damage

The Palestinian-American model encouraged her followers to donate to flood relief efforts through UNICEF.
02 Sep, 2022

Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid recently shared a distressful video of school children being hurried along flooded roads in Pakistan. She genuinely wanted to know “real ways to help Pakistan” and asked her followers. It seems like they came through because she penned a very informational post the very next day, educating people about the extent of the damage and encouraging them to donate to help.

On Friday, she shared pictures and clips of people affected by the floods and included statistics of the destruction to give her followers an idea of the critical state of those areas. “This doesn’t even seem real, but is a reality to so many. More than 1,000 people — a third of them children — have died during severe flooding across Pakistan. From June through August, torrential monsoon rains washed away entire villages and infrastructure across Pakistan’s four provinces, affecting at least 33 million people. 4 million acres of crops have been destroyed and 800,000 livestock have died.”

Noting the instant and eventual effects of the calamity, she added, “Not only is this traumatising for the people of Pakistan but it will also, long-term, increase food insecurity across the country and will have a severe impact on the economy…”

The model added a quote by IRC Pakistan Country Director Shabnam Baloch, who said that even though Pakistan produces less than 1 per cent of the world’s carbon footprint, the country is suffering the consequences of the world’s inaction. “This is a climate crisis and we need to be there for the people of Pakistan,” declared Hadid.

She listed how much people can spend and what their money will be utilised for, “$2.50 can provide micronutrient sachets for a pregnant mother and young child. $12 can provide a hygiene kits with soap, sanitiser, detergent, buckets, menstrual supplies, etc — enough for three months for a family. $55 can provide a carton of 55 ready-to-use-therapeutic food sachets that can treat a child suffering from severe acute malnutrition for six to eight weeks.”

Naming UNICEF as an on-ground organisation that’s working working hard to provide resources to the flood-affected areas, Hadid linked to its website in her bio. She listed its services and wrote, “Delivering lifesaving medical supplies, safe water and nutrition, mental health support, educational resources and more. I’m putting the link in my bio in case you’d like to donate. If not, spreading the word on this environmental crisis and the people impacted is very important as well. Love you all and God Bless.”

If you want to donate, consider one of the organisations on our extensive list.


Ehsan Sep 02, 2022 06:10pm
Appreciate all the support we can get. Hope one day we can the nations who give rather than take
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 03, 2022 01:36pm
Great move and excellent news. United we stand, divided we fall.
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