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How to help Pakistanis affected by the floods

A list of government and non-governmental flood relief efforts you can contribute to.
Updated 12 Sep, 2022

Millions of people have been displaced across Pakistan as we continue to suffer the effects of widespread floods that have ravaged a third of the country. The government of Pakistan has declared the situation a “climate-inducted humanitarian crisis of epic proportions”. The scope of the floods is still unclear but over 30 million people have been left without shelter.

The government, both provincial and federal, and many non-governmental organisations are working hard to provide relief to those impacted by the calamity. They are accepting help both in the form of monetary and in-kind contributions. Here’s how you can reach them and do your part:

Dawn Relief

As the 2022 flood emergency overtakes Pakistan, Dawn Relief once again deploys its resources to provide relief and rehabilitation in Balochistan to people in distress. Dawn Relief has initiated relief operations in those villages in Balochistan that have been worst-hit by floods, with the aim to replicate these efforts across the country,

How you can help:

  1. Send a cheque or money order to:

DawnRelief, c/o Irfan ul Haq, DawnRelief, Haroon House, Dr Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi 74500

  1. Donate via bank transfer.

Account title: Dawn Relief Earthquake Welfare Organisation National Bank of Pakistan Account number: 4000373293 IBAN: PK81NBPA0223004000373293

Edhi Foundation’s Flood Relief Campaign

Edhi Foundation Pakistan flood relief teams are on ground in all flood affected areas across Pakistan and have been rescuing people, providing relief including cooked food, dry ration packs, tarpaulin sheets, medical aid and other non-food essential items.

Countless families, women and children are left with nothing but hope, and are in desperate need of cooked food, dry ration packs, tents and medical aid.

Balochistan Youth Action Committee

The organisation is committed to help a “vulnerable” Balochistan in these challenging times. Here is how you can help. A list of urgent supplies has been included for donations.

UN Women

UN Women is responding to the specific needs of displaced women and girls, including women with disabilities. Together with their partners, they are providing immediate relief including shelter, food, medical aid, and sanitary products.

Here’s how to donate:

Orange Tree Foundation

The Orange Tree Foundation is collecting funds to purchase ration bags for people affected by the floods in Sindh and Balochistan. Their goal is to collect 10,000 ration bags.

Here’s how to donate:

HANDS Pakistan

HANDS is an NGO which has been working for “a healthy, educated and prosperous Pakistan” for the last 42 years. They are extending a hand to those impacted by the flood and don’t even have the basic necessities at the moment.

You can donate here to help:

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to humanitarian services since 1990. Alkhidmat workers and volunteers continue to work for the relief of affected people across Pakistan and worldwide. Their dedicated services include disaster management, health services, education, orphan care, clean water and other community services.

You can donate here to help:

Women Democratic Front

Women Democratic Front and AAM are supporting the efforts to raise funds for the flood affectees across the country. Their work is focusing on the worst affected areas, in collaboration with local youth.

Here’s how you can donate:

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Islamic Relief Worldwide is providing a lifeline through interventions including distributing hygiene kits, tents, food packs, kitchen utensils, and cash grants so families can meet their most urgent needs.

How to donate:

Muslim Aid UK

Muslim Aid is an international NGO committed to improving the lives of others, regardless of their own faith and/or political persuasion. It has started its rapid need assessment in three flood-affected districts in Pakistan.

You can donate here to help:

Legal Aid Society

The Legal Aid Society is a not-for-profit NGO working in the domains of law, justice and development. They want to work for the betterment of the vulnerable members of our society and are collecting #donations in the form of dry rations, and online payments.

You can donate here to help:

JDC Foundation Pakistan

JDC Foundation Pakistan is a charitable and non-profit organisation that deals with liberation and rescue managements all across the Sindh.

You can donate here to help:


Akhuwat, in line with its philosophy of ‘Mawakhat’ is keen to support all those who are affected badly by the recent floods. To help provide immediate relief to thousands of deserving individuals and families stranded in floods, Akhuwat has set up a Flood Relief Fund.

You can donate here to help:

MTJ Foundation

The Maulana Tariq Jamil Foundation is working to provide flood victims with food, medicines, clothes, tents and other basic necessities.

You can donate here:

Saylani Welfare Int. Trust

Saylani Welfare International Trust is an NGO focusing primarily on feeding the poor and homeless. It has been working for the last 22 years to improve the conditions of the less privileged, helpless, and handicapped individuals. It is working on helping as many flood affectees as it can.

You can donate here to help:

Indus Hospital and Health Network

Indus Hospital and Health Network provides quality healthcare, free of cost to millions of patients across Pakistan. IHHN is a not-for-profit healthcare system that solely relies on public donations. It is accepting both cash and in-kind contributions.

You can donate here to help:

Shahid Afridi Foundation

The Shahid Afridi Foundation under its Emergency Relief Response project is leading in providing support to flood affectees in Balochistan and Sindh. The drives will provide the affectees with food (wheat, rice, oil, grains, sugar, cooking oil and salt), tents and other essentials such as blankets and clothes.

You can donate here to help:

Hadiqa Kiani’s Vaseela campaign

Singer-songwriter Hadiqa Kiani’s Vaseela campaign is on a mission to extend as much help as possible to the people devastated by the floods. She shared a list of needed items and asked fellow Pakistanis to contribute.

You can donate here to help:

Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS)

BUITEMS is holding a flood donation drive you can send your contributions to.

You can donate here to help:

Million Smiles Foundation

Million Smiles Foundation aims to ensure healthy living conditions and promote well-being at all ages as it is essential to sustainable development.

You can donate here to help:

Sindh Rural Support Organisation

Sindh Rural Support Organisation is a nonprofit NGO that wants to improve the quality of life of the “rural poor” in Sindh. They are using resources they have available at hand but it’s not nearly enough for what is needed. There is an urgent need of ration, cooked food and tents in these areas.

You can reach out to help here:

Roshan Pakistan Academy

Roshan Pakistan Academy is located on the outskirts of Karachi and serves marginalised communities along the border between Sindh and Balochistan. It is committed to facilitating the development of people from the lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

You can donate here to help:

Sahara For Life Trust

Sahara For Life Trust is a not-for-profit, registered tax exempted charity, dedicated to provide quality healthcare, education and social services. With all of its resources, Sahara for Life Trust will distribute relief goods and conduct medical camps.

You can donate here to help:

Jahandad Society for Community Development

Jahandad Society for Community Development 20 years ago as a non-profit NGO registered with the Department of Social Welfare, Women’s Development and the Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab. It is accepting donations to help the flood affectees.

You can donate here to help:

Advocate Jalila Haider

Pakistani human rights lawyer and political activist Jalila Haider is on a mission to provide rations to as many people as possible.

You can donate here to help:

Alamgir Khan

Alamgir Khan, a PTI MNA, is the founder of Fixit, a non-profit organisation. Fixit is accepting contributions to help provide those affected by floods with food and shelter.

You can donate here to help:

The Citizens Foundation

Many TCF schools are flooded or serving as refuge for displaced families; scores of students, staff members and neighbours have lost their homes, and livelihoods in our communities have been swept away, the organisation posted.

It is calling for donations to provide one million meals, help reconstruct homes for 5,000 families and rehabilitate their schools damaged by the floods.

Here’s how you can help:

Indus Relief 2022

Indus Relief 2022 is an organisation started by author Fatima Bhutto, her brother artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Menaal Munshey. They plan on hosting a multi-event fundraising series consisting of an online auction, a masterclass with world renowned writer Mohsin Hamid and direct donations.

The class starts on September 1 and to apply for it, a donation of minimum $45 is required, Rs3,500 for Pakistanis. Non-Pakistanis are to donate via their GoFundMe page and Pakistanis can donate to Edhi Foundation or Legal Aid Society.

Mama Baby Fund

Mama Baby Fund is an emergency fund based in Karachi, providing mothers and their babies with essential medical care and supplies.

Founder of Mama Baby Fund and experienced midwife Neha Mankani recommends clean delivery kits for women who are going to be giving birth at home in affected areas of Sindh and Balochistan.

Each of their kits contains a clean blade and thread for the cord, waterproof sheet, vitamins, gloves, clothes for the baby, panjeeri, soap, diapers, a handtowel, and misoprostol to prevent PPH. The cost for each kit is Rs. 1800.

You can donate money or the items directly to the organisation.

Account Title: Mama Baby Foundation Account Number: 1003-0981-083006-01-5 Bank Al Habib, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi IBAN: PK89BAHL1003098108300601

Arts Council of Pakistan

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi is playing its part in rehabilitating victims of floods and rains in Pakistan. The non-profit organization has pledged Rs20 million for the victims and their families and hopes others will follow suit.

Here’s how you can help:


Government of Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan has notified establishment of a flood relief fund, the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund 2022, to provide relief and rehabilitation to the affected population due to torrential rains and flash floods in many parts of the country. The Fund shall accept donations/contributions both from domestic and international sources.

All commercial and microfinance banks are to open the account of the Fund and can receive donations/contributions in cash, through cheques, payorder and demand drafts, at all their branches across the country.

The PTA has also introduced the convenience of making a donation virtually.

Government of Balochistan

According to the instructions of Balochistan Chief Minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, a fund has been created for those affected by the flood. Donations can be made to any branch or office of the State Bank of Pakistan and the National Bank of Pakistan.

Government of Sindh

The Sindh government has established the Sindh Flood Relief Fund for people affected by flash floods across the province. Additionally, it said one-month’s net salary of the chief minister, provincial ministers, MPAs belonging to the PPP, CM’s advisers and special assistants, and parliamentary secretaries would be deducted and added to the fund.

You can donate here to help:

So reach out and extend a helping hand to Pakistanis in need!

This story will be updated with additional organisations that are accepting donations and working to help people affected by the floods.


Syed Hasni Aug 26, 2022 05:20pm
Khan Sahab said, ḳhuda ne aaj tak us qaum ki halat nahin badli na ho jis ko ḳhayāl aap apni halat ke badalne ka
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asma Aug 26, 2022 05:25pm
Dont give a single penny to PDM and its supporters
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Hawk Aug 26, 2022 05:30pm
It is extremely good , many societies are helping the flood victims. After rain flood, another disaster , river floods are coming. There must be Flood Canal on Indus so that flood can be diverted to cholistan desert. It will save flood disasters and extremely helpful Desert.
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Haseeb Aug 26, 2022 05:41pm
While we will continue to support fellow Pakistanis in need via reputed NGOs like Edhi and alkhidmat. We will absolutely not do it via any government agency. We have ZERO interest in letting the certified looters and kleptocrats to usurp our hard earned money.
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Atique Aug 26, 2022 05:48pm
Please dont give a single rupee to PM fund or to any government account. They will use these funds for their own benefit. 30 years of history shows how these crooks used the aid money to buy properties in UK and Dubai. Best is to give directly to the afectees or through EDHI/ SAYLANI/JDC and similar NGOs.
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mazhar Aug 26, 2022 06:01pm
Thanks for publishing this information, will be very helpful
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Zak Aug 26, 2022 07:36pm
Want to contribute towards flood relief but wont send to government for obvious reasons, as Shebaz Sharif is in charge and Sind its Zardari. Was looking for PTI flood relief accounts to contribute to. If not we will send to Eidhi foundation.
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Fast comment Aug 26, 2022 08:32pm
Give donations to all, but no to political parties.
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Bajeed khan Aug 26, 2022 09:26pm
Please visit the flood effected people Umerkot village nangar Khan Nohri khunhar Dhrornoro umerkot sindh
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Abubakar Aug 26, 2022 09:35pm
Fixit, a trusted NGO.
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Rami Aug 26, 2022 09:38pm
Where are the money bags of Zardari and shabaz ? They were buying the PTI mn’s with, why these billionaires not bringing their money bags to help Pakistani who are drowning due to PDM economic terrorism!
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NACParis Aug 26, 2022 09:53pm
Great work NGOs. Keep it up as the whole world is with you and not with PDM full of money-hungry multi-billionaire looters
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Tora Tora Aug 26, 2022 09:58pm
Not to worry, PTI doesn't have any flood relief fund as they don't care for people in trouble.
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AJ Aug 26, 2022 10:06pm
Government of Sindh… No way giving a single penny to you thugs..
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Tariq Aug 26, 2022 10:11pm
Too may players too many opportunities for fraud. People should only give to charities established for at least 20 years. And definitely not to government. Records is not good
Recommend (0)
Shakil Khan Aug 26, 2022 11:28pm
Government of Pakistan should make joint appeal to the world with political leader Imran Khan. His no nonsense approach to money laundering will make world chairitable organisation more forth coming .
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muslimguy Aug 27, 2022 03:59am
you should not even mention the federal or provincial governments! who would give to those thieves?! does zardari need another chateau? or sharif want to expand avenfeld? Chors!
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muslimguy Aug 27, 2022 03:59am
@Tora Tora liar!
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Hasan Aug 27, 2022 05:36am
@Zak alkhidmat is being highly recommended
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AHAQ Aug 27, 2022 08:19am
The looters in Sharif and Zardari families who have ignored the flood issues for years and always skimmed off the aid meant for fixing this problem
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Nick, NY Aug 27, 2022 09:33am
Edhi and other NGOs can be trusted, but not the government agencies and departments. The best option for overseas Pakistani is to channel donations through their family and friends in Pakistan so that affected people can be helped directly at local level!
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Jiala Aug 27, 2022 10:54am
when overseas will come to Pakistan will they enjoy their vication in these tants?
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Romana Khan Aug 27, 2022 11:10am
JDC is very dicey! They have put up a big camp on 2 Talwar and have for display 2 Brand new Ambulances standing there for show ! That's highly unethical ... I won't trust such people who do such stuff for show ...
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Farhan Aug 27, 2022 12:38pm
Help Flood Victims What Is Urgently Needed: - Cooking pots with utensils- Spoons, Ladles, Plates ... - Masala Packets - Canned Fruits and Vegitables - Pillows, bed sheets - Towels and Soap - Tooth paste - Plastic mats - Mosquitos Repellent - Charpaee
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Sohail Aug 27, 2022 12:42pm
My preferred charities: Edhi and Saylani But you choose your own
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Sohail Aug 27, 2022 12:44pm
Thank you Dawn News, you are leading the Help Flood Victims drive.
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 12, 2022 05:04pm
It's high time and the right time to practice unity, faith, dedication, devotion and discipline in the ranks and columns of the green shirt nation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Please help the needy, helpless, feeble, weak, trifle and hapless population of the country devasted by the 2022 monsoon floods in the country.
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Loan seekers Sep 12, 2022 07:54pm
If Pakistan request Indian Government relief will come in a big way. Whole Pakistan is not more than a single state like UP.
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Yawar Sep 12, 2022 09:48pm
Sorry Dawn, but you are doing a disservice to the flood victims by keeping IK's flood relief call, that has the potential to collect a very large amount of money, out of your list.
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Iqbal Aswani Sep 12, 2022 10:11pm
@Jiala Shows your hatred but trust me, you will waste a single minute to be "overseas" if given visa.
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Iqbal Aswani Sep 12, 2022 10:13pm
FGRF - Faizan Global Relief Foundation. They are partnering with PAF to airlift food and supplies to the areas where ground access is not possible.
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john houston Sep 13, 2022 02:57am
The unintendeds may turned out to be ultimate beneficiaries!!
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Conscientious Sep 13, 2022 08:50am
Hidaya Foundation in the USA and Hidaya Trust in Pakistan. One of the most effective charitable welfare organization. Surprised it's not in the list.
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