Pakistan and India are to bat-tle for the cup once more — what are we expecting from the match?

Pakistan and India are to bat-tle for the cup once more — what are we expecting from the match?

Five possible outcomes from the much-awaited game between the two mighty competitors in the Asia Cup tournament.
Updated 27 Aug, 2022

Cricket lovers may be invested in all matches that make up a tournament but even casual viewers feel an electric sort of excitement when the two competitors in the game are Pakistan and India. With such a match on the horizon, team Images is gearing up for what is to come and we’re open to all possibilities.

Sunday is typically a day of rest but there will be no rest on August 28, the day of the Pakistan-India game in the Asia Cup tournament. In the past, employees have been let off work early, school has been cancelled, businesses have hit pause and people have shoved their phones aside, their eyes glued on a different screen. We expect nothing less this Sunday as well — with a little more out-of-the-box outcomes racing through our minds.

World Peace

Will we experience another historic event in our lifetimes?

A viral meme is born

Remember this guy? So does everybody else!

Biryani rates go down by 50 per cent

Not that anybody needs any incentive to get biryani but more biryani in less is a good deal. Either way, we all know biryani is the frontrunner in any show.

A chutti to rest or recover

National holiday? Yes please! Whether it’s to rest after celebrating all night or to recover after an emotional meltdown — we feel it is deserved in both situations.

Pakistan might win

Should we expect the skies to light up with colour tomorrow night?

Who do you think will win? And what outcome out of the five do you feel is most likely?


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M. Emad Aug 27, 2022 02:08pm
Indian cricket squad most strong.
Neeraj Singh Aug 27, 2022 02:47pm
India will win undoubtedly. Pakistan is bound to lose once again. Winning the last match doesn't in anyway means Pakistan will win again. I think it'll be an emotional meltdown moment for Pakistanis once again and as usual. Hail India. Jai Hind
R Aug 27, 2022 03:10pm
@Neeraj Singh looks like you are already in an emotional meltdown. Take it easy buddy. Its only a cricket match. May the best team win.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Aug 27, 2022 03:39pm
Bring it on.
Zak Aug 27, 2022 03:42pm
@M. Emad Indian cricket squad most strong. In match fixing, the HQ of which is in Bombay.
Reality Aug 27, 2022 03:52pm
@Zak may the hq is in that non existing city but the most taking baits are from where every one knows lol
Syed Hasni Aug 27, 2022 03:52pm
Waqt badal diya, jazbaat badal diya .. and “ Maaro mujhe maaro” One of the Best expressions I have ever witnessed.
Punjabi first Aug 27, 2022 03:59pm
Pakistani team may lack the skillset of their Indian brethren but let's not forget, Pakistani cricket team has always been unpredictable, they have a proven track record of losing matches against the weakest of opponents, so by that logic we are in for a chance at least, since India is widely acknowledged to be the stronger side.
SAM Aug 27, 2022 04:42pm
@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad I didn't you are playing personally.
Malik Aug 27, 2022 04:44pm
Game b taken as game. Simple equation, one will win & other will lose.
Tumgan Dulogho Aug 27, 2022 05:07pm
You can’t count anyone out in T20, Afghanistan, BDesh, SL all can topple in this hit and giggle format. Skill takes backseat and luck plays a big role, so even pak has a chance. Babar will be challenged as no longer playing Zimbabwe or Netherlands here!
Kaustubh Aug 27, 2022 05:39pm
Both countries have bigger challenges to face.. This game will only increase the hatred among us, people from both sides are not mature enough to watch it as a game of will give them another reason to point fingers on each other. #UnitedIndiaPak #Peace&Love
Pk Aug 27, 2022 06:17pm
@Neeraj Singh After the match you'll be back to "but but but India has won more workd cup matches". Sore losers.
Fastforward Aug 27, 2022 06:24pm
@Zak Yes, “Bombay” controls “world cricket”. Every cricketer aspires to play in IPL. If allowed to play in IPL, some of the Pakistani cricketers might be billionaires now in Pakistani rupee terms.
Philosopher (From Japan) Aug 27, 2022 06:49pm
Extremely senseless...senselessness at its peak...when half of Asia has drowned and dusted, why Asia cup and for whom?
Dhruv Aug 27, 2022 09:36pm
@Neeraj Singh Bhai take it easy! We all know what happened the last time. India is a stronger team but Pakistan is capable of pulling up a surprise!
ABD Aug 28, 2022 02:41am
The match should be thrilling and decided on the last ball. One sided win doesn’t give the satisfaction of a hard fought win. Supporters of both sides must be emotionally exhausted when the match is finished.
Nadeem Shah Aug 28, 2022 04:35am
Until India wins by 10 Wickets, it's not a win ...
Nadeem Shah Aug 28, 2022 04:36am
@Neeraj Singh but we still have 10 Wicket win.... Lol
Nadeem Shah Aug 28, 2022 04:39am
@Punjabi first no thanks for your underhanded statement, Pakistan has won more matches between the countries except world cup which we won against India by 10 Wickets. . Lol You have a history of losing.
Pak Pashtun Aug 28, 2022 04:41am
@Kaustubh why do you people hate? We don't hate because we lose. I think you are under pressure because you are 8 times bigger and we embarrass you still... Sorry yar.
James (California) Aug 28, 2022 05:34am
This is how it should be friendly neighbors like Canada and USA
Yaqoot Mir Aug 28, 2022 06:36am
@Punjabi first Lack the skill? really? for all I know right now, our top 3 are also among the top 10 in the world? dont see the same number of Indian bats in the top 10? and bowling is even stevens right now.
Yaqoot Mir Aug 28, 2022 06:40am
@M. Emad Really? look at the rankings first, 2 paks in the top 5 for batting and one in the bowling ( Albiet I will give you that Afridi is injured and not playing)........I think will be a even match with the toss deciding who will win.
Habib A Zuberi Aug 28, 2022 07:09am
Watch the game. Two great cricket teams will be playing again.
Habib A Zuberi Aug 28, 2022 08:02am
!n 1950's I always went to Delhi to watch the game between India and Pakista. My elder brother late Dr. Habib Ahmad Zuberi was a lecturer at Delhi College, but when he went to Paris my visits to Delhi sharply declined. It was great to watch the game betweenthese two teams.
No HassanAli Aug 28, 2022 08:15am
Please Don't let Hassan Bowl, Just Give Him the money!
Ga Aug 28, 2022 08:40am
@Neeraj Singh , Alas the never ending arrogance of Indians!
Naeem Aug 28, 2022 09:44am
@James (California) 100% agreed. Dirty immature politicians on both have caused this silly atmosphere.
Naeem Aug 28, 2022 09:47am
Pakistan team will be in trouble if Hassan Ali flounders!!!!!
Sam Aug 28, 2022 10:09am
Baber Azam will rule!
bharat Aug 28, 2022 10:19am
I think its Pakistan likely to won. The new bowlers like Hasnain is an unknown for Indian batsmen
bharat Aug 28, 2022 10:20am
@Yaqoot Mir Pakistan had edge over India only till 2000. After that its a different story
Pak Pashtun Aug 28, 2022 12:13pm
@Naeem he should not be included.
Pak Pashtun Aug 28, 2022 12:16pm
@bharat this is why India refused to play Pakistan making excuses.... Hiding behind politics and Kashmir, because Pakistan team was so strong India couldn't have won a single match and they knew it.... India only plays a weaker Pakistan team.... They will do it again in future, just watch.