These Pakistan versus New Zealand jokes are the pre-match banter you've been looking for

These Pakistan versus New Zealand jokes are the pre-match banter you've been looking for

The recent win against India has taken Pakistani Twitter's meme game to a whole new level.
26 Oct, 2021

It looks like Babar Azam and the gang have inspired a new line of "Pakistan can actually win" humour on local Twitter. Jokes and memes about New Zealand's face off against the now formidable Pakistan cricket team have popped up on our timelines hours before the match and we've compiled the best of them right here for your reading pleasure.

New Zealand take on Pakistan in the 19th fixture of the ICC Men's T20 World Cup at Sharjah Cricket Stadium at 7pm today. Pakistan's match against the Kiwis comes right after their phenomenal victory against India on Sunday, and fans on social media are pretty positive about Pakistan putting up a good fight the second time around as well. They haven't forgotten about New Zealand abandoning their Pakistan tour at the last minute in September, and this fresh crop of memes proves that Pakistanis are looking for a cathartic victory.

Netizens imagined the Kiwis didn't sleep all too well the night before the match.

Turns out the 'security threat' they'd avoided was the Pakistan cricket team after all.

It can't get any more dangerous than this bro-ship. Ask the Indian cricket team.

And then there's the 'threat' Shaheen Afridi brings to the pitch. Can we really blame the Black Shirts for bailing in the face of Afridi's bowling?

Petition to protect all cute cricketers from impending 'threats' brought on by the Men in Green's fiery performance.

The pep talk Babar Azam must be giving to Shaheen Afridi right now.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) when they see someone from the New Zealand Cricket Board for the first time after the cancelled tour.

The basic emotion behind every Pakistan versus New Zealand meme concisely summed up.

We're looking forward to seeing an exciting showdown between Pakistan and New Zealand tonight. Our boys wowed us on Sunday, and we've got our fingers crossed for the same result against the Kiwis.