‘I always try to give it my all’: Nadia Afgan on starring in Suno Chanda and never watching any of her shows

‘I always try to give it my all’: Nadia Afgan on starring in Suno Chanda and never watching any of her shows

She revealed that though she never watches any of her dramas, she ended up laughing at a fan clip of Shahana, believing she pulled the character off pretty "ok".
24 Aug, 2022

Suno Chanda is still a fan favourite, three years after the last episode aired and one character still lives on in the hearts of viewers and social media users — Shahana Batool. Actor Nadia Afgan just revealed that she never watched the rom-com show or any of her other dramas.

Afgan shared a fan edit from TikTok on Instagram, dedicated to her character Shahana Batool, a Punjabi woman and the mother of Arsalan Jamshed, played by Farhan Saeed.

“It may come as a surprise to you all but i never watched Suno Chanda. Just bits and pieces of it. I never watch any of my dramas. Whenever a director asks me after a scene if I want to look at what I have done. I always say no. I always try to give it my all but I can never ever see it. I watched this clip today and I laughed. And for the first time I actually thought Shahana was not bad. I think I pulled it off pretty ok,” she wrote.

Afgan then went on to thank everyone who gave her “so much of love and respect”. She shared that despite three years since the second season released in 2019, her DMs are still full of “lovely messages” sent by her followers and fans.

“I must have done something good to deserve so much love and appreciation. I’m truly humbled. Thank you,” she concluded.

Afgan’s comedic role was a fan favourite when the drama had initially aired in 2018. Her dialogue delivery and energy were the main comedic relief of the show.

Suno Chanda revolves around Arsalan (Saeed) and Ajiya (Iqra Aziz) who are polar opposites. Arsalan is a laid back, traditional Punjabi munda who has no interest in bettering himself. Ajiya, on the other hand, is an ambitious, career-oriented young woman who is desperate to study business in London. Forced into a nikah at a young age by their dying grandfather, they fight like cats and dogs, desperate to break the chains that bind them. However, as they spend time together they end up falling for each other.


Rashid Zaidi Aug 24, 2022 12:38pm
We thoroughly enjoyed the drama especially her acting was the central piece after the young couple. The play had tremendous energy and the actors all did a superb job. Thank you for the entertain from home as we watch it here in California
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NYS Aug 24, 2022 01:51pm
Same as couple don't bother to watch their own wedding show
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