From HSY to Imran Abbas: We’re vacationing vicariously through these celebrities’ world travels

From HSY to Imran Abbas: We’re vacationing vicariously through these celebrities’ world travels

From aesthetic photos to fashion, fine dining and more — these celebrities' vacation pictures are straight up goals.
12 Aug, 2022

The dollar is more expensive (though not as expensive as it was a short while back), ticket prices are soaring and costs are rising in Pakistan, which makes the idea of a foreign vacation a pipe dream for a lot of people. That’s why we’re vacationing vicariously through our celebrities, who have been providing us with ample amounts of vacay fomo recently.

From Ayesha Omar, Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui’s trip to Turkey for work to Imran Abbas chilling on a lakeside dock in Norway, our Instagram feeds are full of some great vacation inspo.

Areeba Habib

The Jalan actor recently travelled to Milan, Italy and has been serving look after look. Oh to be chilling in Italy, gorging on pasta and cooling off with some gelato.

Imran Abbas

Seeing Imran Abbas hanging out on a dock in Oslo, Norway was refreshing for all of us who are trapped in our homes. The actor also gave his followers a glimpse of his walk in the city.

Ahsan Khan

By now everyone knows that this actor lives here and there but sometimes he travels far away from Pakistan and London. The actor’s travels took him to Sydney, Australia with Hiba Bukhari for work and we can’t help but be green with envy over him being bundled up in a cosy winter coat while we sit in Pakistan, sweating it out in the heat and humidity.


Sunnies, summer clothes, a hat and Mykonos, Greece sun is what makes summer for fashion designer HSY. He is currently in the city known for its beautiful sunsets, white washed homes and endless parties — and excellent food.

Ayesha Omar

Work trip or not, Omar’s vacationphotos are always on our radar not only for the tourist spots she explores but also for the incredible outfit inspo we get. This time around, the actor is in Turkey with Saeed and Siddiqui for their upcoming Pak-Turk project based on Salahuddin Ayubi.


Actor and TV host Alam is living the Casablanca dream in Morocco. He’s been sharing a bunch of photos of touristy spots on Instagram. Colour us envious.

With the way things are going, we guess we’ll just have to settle for online vacations and living through our glamorous celebs.


Syed Hasni Aug 12, 2022 05:20pm
I am has feelings for these celebs vacationing in such a bad economy. For examples irritation and vicarious embarrassment. True Banana republic.
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Rizwan Ali Aug 12, 2022 08:57pm
Good for them, and people don't care really, they have inflation to enjoy.
Recommend (0)
Asif Aug 12, 2022 09:43pm
Good money makes you happy.
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TR Aug 13, 2022 02:32am
Wishing a safe and happy vacation to our talented artists.
Recommend (0)
Imran Aug 13, 2022 04:22am
@Syed Hasni Use Google translate please.
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baby prasad Aug 13, 2022 04:50am
its a waste of money and for showoff, Pakisan is as beautiful as any.
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ENGR Hamid Shafiq Aug 13, 2022 06:16am
Why our women actresses wear western dresses which totally against our society and values it’s totally hypocrisy
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JS Aug 13, 2022 08:13am
Soon they will identify themselves as world citizens, being world travellers.
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Ehsan Aug 13, 2022 08:32am
Out people and always negative and jealous. Have fun everyone as much as you afford
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JS Aug 13, 2022 09:24am
@JS am reminded of Ahsan Khan, pakistani actor, recently announced himself of being a British national, permanent resident and national of Pakistan, where he lives, works and sleeps 24/7. So funny. Much comedy courtesy these celebrities travelling the world over. Sign of no work.
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Aamir Aug 13, 2022 10:10am
@ENGR Hamid Shafiq Why you so bitter and twisted?
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TZaman Aug 13, 2022 11:47am
Indecent show money. Do you have to publicly show your holiday pics, when your country people are reeling in worst economic crisis. Embarrassing.
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Sohail Aug 13, 2022 12:22pm
Yeah, not really following any of these people. Just have to say excessive posting of yourself (on vacation, selfies, etc.) is indicative of a mental disorder.
Recommend (0)
Sohail Aug 13, 2022 12:51pm
@Aamir social inequality ... Social distancing.
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ENGR Hamid Shafiq Aug 13, 2022 02:02pm
@Aamir I write reality May be people dislike
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Syed Hasni Aug 13, 2022 03:25pm
@Imran I am sorry Imran , what do you mean by that ? Google translate for what ?
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