Bollywood song ‘Kesariya’ comes under fire for copying Pakistani band Call’s ‘Laree Chootee’

Published 19 Jul, 2022 04:53pm

Images Staff

Netizens are sharing the tracks side by side, saying the tune has been copied.

<p>Photos: Sony Music India/YouTube and Md. Nahin/YouTube</p>

Photos: Sony Music India/YouTube and Md. Nahin/YouTube

There may borders separating countries but nothing can stop music from transcending them and netizens are quick to catch anything out of the ordinary. Recently released Bollywood song ‘Kesariya’ has caught the attention of netizens, who believe it has been copied from Pakistani band Call’s ‘Laree Chootee’.

Upcoming film Brahmastra dropped ‘Kesariya’ on Sunday, a song much-awaited by fans who had seen the teaser featuring the chorus. When the full song was out, there was instant backlash for the words “love storiyan” but netizens quickly got past that to notice that the tune sounded all too familiar.

They found the tune in Call’s ‘Laree Chootee’, released in 2011 and started sharing the songs side by side, pointing out that it has been copied.

One user even continued music producer Pritam’s Twitter thread adding the detail he missed out on.

Some seemed to have the opinion that this is not a first for Pritam.

The limelight has left “love storiyan” and it is not the worst part anymore.

The “vibes” are immaculate no more.

Do you think ‘Kesariya’ has copied ‘Laree Chootee’?