‘We are ashamed’: Netizens demand justice for American woman allegedly raped at Fort Munro

Published 21 Jul, 2022 06:18pm

Images Staff

Pakistani Twitter users say we as a nation have failed to teach our younger generation to respect all women.

An American social media activist and vlogger was allegedly raped by her tour guide in Dera Ghazi Khan’s Fort Munro and netizens are enraged. They’re demanding swift action and immediate justice for the victim.

The US national was sexually abused at the tribal area tourist resort, Fort Munro, on July 16 where she was on a trip. Acting on her complaint, the Border Military Police arrested the prime suspect, ‘M’ (21), also said to be an American citizen.

When the story surfaced online, it caused an outrage among netizens who condemned the “shameless” act, demanding strict action for the perpetrator.

They said the cause for such crimes is a lack of justice.

Some netizens pointed out that if Pakistanis aren’t safe in this country, how can foreigners be.

Society needs to stop accepting this and raise its voice for justice, said one user.

Actor Nadia Jamil called on people to show that they will not tolerate rape culture.

Some users were among the vlogger’s followers and were especially upset to hear about the incident.

This user deems the country worthy of being branded with “the symbol of disgrace”.

An FIR has been registered by the Fort Munro Border Military Police against three nominated suspects under sections 376 and 292 b of the Pakistan Penal Code.