Trans activist Kami Sid is being accused of rape and intimidation

Updated 24 May, 2019 11:30am

Images Staff

Kami Sid says the allegations against her are false.

On Wednesday night, prominent trans activist Kami Sid was accused of rape and intimidation by a number of people on social media.

The story being recounted speaks of a trans woman called 'Sana', who commentators are alleging was raped by Kami Sid and her partner in 2015.

Minahil Baloch took to Facebook and alleged that she was threatened by Kami Sid over messages after she shared a status on social media regarding the Cannes film festival. According to Baloch, her original status read: "Don't support rapists even if they make it to Cannes 2019. The rapists don't belong to cis-gender only. Rape knows no gender."

Following this, Baloch alleged that she was being threatened by Kami for making a post about something where she hasn't named anyone.

Baloch said her post had nothing to with Kami and her making it to Cannes. She further alleged that this was not the first time Kami had threatened anyone.

In the same post, Baloch also shared screenshots of an exchange she claims she had with Kami.

After this, Baloch also shared a post that contained screenshots of an email she received from Muhammad Moiz. Upon speaking to Images, Muhammad Moiz says he did send the quoted email to Baloch. The email contains details of the rape allegations made against Kami Sid.

On Facebook, Muhammad Moiz also says he sent the details to Baloch.

After Baloch's post, lawyer Shumaila Hussain Shahani alleged that Kami had been threatening people who talked about the rape accusation against her.

Shumaila spoke of the allegation mentioned by Baloch as well, saying the transwoman who made the rape accusation was 18 or 19 when she died few months ago, adding that she was 14 at the time of alleged commission of the offense.

Following this, activist and journalist Muhammad Salman Khan also alleged that Kami Sid had raped minor trans girl named Sana.

Khan further claimed that prominent feminist group Women's Action Forum (WAF) had held a closed-door meeting on this issue in 2018, for which Sana was present and recounted her story. He said Sana had narrated her story in front of many prominent senior feminists who continue to remain silent about her testimony.

The next day journalist Aimen Rizvi posted an account of her alleged interaction with Kami Sid, saying that a few months ago she had posted on Twitter asking why KLF was screening a film made by someone who had rape accusations against them.

Rizvi further claimed that In the days that followed, Kami threatened her and hurled accusations against her at a feminist collective she is a member of.

Images approached Kami Sid for her response to these allegations, which she termed "false".

Kami says: "There is a group against me. People's personal agendas are involved. There's nothing else I can really say. Now people from my committee will speak up. I have a calm temperament and I am a trans woman, people should understand how trans individuals have been oppressed in the past and in the present. If people want to say these things, well, that is their right."

Meanwhile the Women's Action Forum has also issued a statement on the matter.

This is a developing story.