‘Adoption is a wonderful way to have a child’: Nadia Jamil says the process was tougher than biological birthing

‘Adoption is a wonderful way to have a child’: Nadia Jamil says the process was tougher than biological birthing

The actor revealed she had to pass meticulous checks before she was accepted as an adoptive parent.
21 Jul, 2022

There is no pre-requisite for family — anyone you choose to love is your family and Nadia Jamil is proving just that. The actor spoke of her personal experience with adoption and how it was more tough to be accepted as an adoptive parent than choosing to birth a child.

On Thursday, she shared photos of her daughter Nuri in her arms and wrote, “Adoption is a wonderful way to have a child. I found it a tougher “labour” process to go through than biological birthing. Nerve wracking assessments [and] waiting! Imagine if biological parents were interviewed [and] checked for maturity, parenting skills, financial security and dedication the same way!”

Her post was welcomed with a wave of love. When someone said Nuri was lucky to have her as a mother, Jamil responded that it’s her who’s privileged to have her as a daughter.

Many congratulated her on her little bundle of joy.

When a Twitter user pointed out that adopted children are not eligible for inheritance, the actor said, “Who needs an inheritance when she can be gifted everything in my lifetime?”

“All children are a blessing,” said another netizen, adding that there is more than one way to have a child.

Another user talked about how family isn’t made from blood, it’s made from love.

Congratulations to Jamil and Nuri on finding their family!


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Jul 21, 2022 03:00pm
Great move and excellent news.
ST Jul 21, 2022 03:03pm
Adoption is a very rewarding step. So many underprivileged kids may get homes in this way
Mehreen Chandan Jul 21, 2022 03:03pm
“Who needs an inheritance when she can be gifted everything in my lifetime?” I agree with this line and I would love to adopt one day if given the chance and means.
M. Saeed Jul 21, 2022 03:30pm
Imagine an issue-less couple or an unmarried women adopting, instead of usual, keeping pets? It is much more rewarding and natural, to adopt a needy infant.
Kiwi Jul 21, 2022 04:39pm
Feel good moment reading this article. Congratulations to Nadia Jamil for her new daughter.
Taj Ahmad Jul 21, 2022 04:45pm
Good job, I urges all married woman in Pakistan and around the world if they are still childless after five years of marriage, I suggest them please adopt at least one or two new born child one boy one girl with out waiting anymore time after five years of marriage. Edhi Foundation and other charity organizations in Pakistan can help you in this process. Thanks to all new couples.
Aamir Jul 21, 2022 06:00pm
Congratulations. I live Overseas and wanted to adopt a child from Pakistan. But Pakistan adoption laws does not meet the local requirements. Pakistan needs to make changes
Ehsan Jul 21, 2022 06:31pm
Only special people can do such an act. Quite common in the west, but a rarity in our society probably due to lack of awareness
Raheel Jul 21, 2022 07:30pm
Great thing to do and more Pakistanis should adopt these unfortunate children.
tuk Jul 21, 2022 07:58pm
@Mehreen Chandan Inheritance laws should be changed to give adopted children equal rights.
tuk Jul 21, 2022 08:00pm
Child domestic help (slavery!) should be banned and adoption should be encouraged. We are all born equal!
noor Jul 21, 2022 08:46pm
It's selfish for a cancer survivor who can relapse at any time to risk the life and future of a baby this way. Why use a baby this way when she has teenage children? Money can buy kids but she is being very selfish.
Bunny Jul 21, 2022 09:27pm
wow what a rare gem. of a lady . such acts should be publicised more . heres wishing her all the best for her family .
Anonymouseee Jul 21, 2022 11:37pm
NYS Jul 22, 2022 12:40am
Solicited advice adoptation, Hadiqa Kiani raised adopted boy very gracefully
Yasmin Anees Jul 22, 2022 04:23am
This was so heart-warming!