Mani and Sami Khan's Lafangey takes a dig at Mathira in its first official trailer

Mani and Sami Khan's Lafangey takes a dig at Mathira in its first official trailer

It featured a man talking about how the ease of obtaining a haunted house had gone from "Mathira" to "Fawad Khan".
28 Jun, 2022

Eid is approaching and trailers are finally dropping for the films that plan to release this festive season. The latest film to upload its trailer is Lafangey, a horror-comedy starring Mani, Saleem Meraj, Mubeen Gabol and Sami Khan.

This is Khan's first time doing a comedy.

The trailer sees the four men enter an old house that they believe is captured by ghosts that reside in it and scare away any visitors. While they wander around the new property from the outside, the "four nobodies" have nothing but dreams, according to the trailer.

The trailer clearly tells the viewers what kind of humour they're in for in the movie — slapstick and often crass jokes. One example is when the men are scared of a masseuse ghost who is after them, but Mani corrects their assumption and says he's after their "youth". A rather distasteful line featured in the trailer was a man saying, "We were getting [the house] easily, like Mathira, but now it's becoming like Fawad Khan."

The film stars comedian Mani, Khan, Nazish Jahangir, Meraj, Gabol and Behroze Sabzwari. It has been directed and produced by Abdull Khaaliq Khan.

Previously, Mani told Images that they wrapped up shooting for the film within 25 to 26 days. "The movie has been made within its budget. Many movies that are being made these days all go past their budget and yet get zero returns. When it comes to this movie, we made it with a lot of consideration and due diligence and is complete with masala shashka entertainment."