Updated 25 Mar, 2022

Cricket is more than just swinging your bat and scoring runs — it's also about the moments that happen in between the game, an exchange of words and actions that either leave fans emotional or have them shaking with laughter. One such moment recently grabbed a lot of attention on social media. During the test series between Pakistan and Australia, ace bowler Shaheen Afridi ran up to Australian player David Warner and the two pretended to have an angry face-off before bursting into laughter. The moment, which was caught on camera, soon triggered multitudes of memes on Pakistani social media.

The hilarious moment between Afridi and Warner occurred on March 23 — day three of the third and final test match between Pakistan and Australia happening at Qadhafi Stadium. On first impression, the intense face-off seemed like a real moment of conflict between the cricketers, but fans quickly got to the bottom of it and understood the exchange was a moment of fun.

That, of course, encouraged all kinds of memes.

The height difference made it all the more comical.

Even former English cricketer and coach Ian Pont got a hold of the meme-worthy picture and couldn't help but engage.

Do we relate or do we relate?

Of course, fan edits were inevitable.

No friendship was harmed in the making of this epic moment.

All in all, netizens loved the display of friendship between Afridi and Warner on the field during the game. There's nothing like some healthy sportsmanship, funny antics and a rousing game of test cricket to warm up a fan's heart.