Fans love Coke Studio's 'magical' 'Go' by Atif Aslam and Abdullah Siddiqui

Published 18 Mar, 2022 06:20pm

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The song is the first this season to heavily incorporate English lyrics.

The latest song in Coke Studio's season 14 lineup, 'Go', features Abdullah Siddiqui and Atif Aslam coming together for an unexpected Urdu-English hybrid. Taking everyone by surprise, the latest song is "an ode to sensitivity," according to Coke Studio's Instagram.

Siddiqui took to Instagram and thanked Coke Studio producer Xulfi for letting him make a "wonky desi hyperpop track" and for letting him bring a legend like Aslam into it. "Thank you for being there to guide me through all my panic and anxiety, and for creating an artistically generous environment for me to work in," he wrote.

He also thanked the 'Pehli Dafa' singer for elevating the song, just like how he elevates everything he works on. " Your voice is what fuels this song. Your melodies are poignant and instantly resonant. Thank you for the honour that is sharing your stage with you," he wrote. Siddiqui also credited Maanu for writing the song and allowing him and Aslam to perform it.

Fans of the two musicians have been taking to Twitter to express their take on the unexpected collaboration. For many, it's exactly the "banger" they were waiting for this season. The song starts with the traditional tune of a sarangi that fades into a more pop beat.

This Twitter user believes that 'Go' showcases "diversity" in a song.

For this user, anything Aslam releases is "a masterpiece" and his recent release is a "gem of a song". He also praised Siddiqui as he "never fails to impress".

For this Twitterati, the song is "faultless" and "magical".

Other users praised it for being good and the duo — Siddiqui and Aslam — being superior.

For some Twitter users, this season started off "with a blockbuster", featured songs like 'Pasoori' and 'Beparwah' and the latest song is another hit.

Other users believe delivering hit after a hit, Coke Studio has a "personality" now.

The song comes few days after the music platform revealed its 11th track 'Thagyan' featuring Zain Zohaib and Quratulain Balouch. The upbeat song adds a modern element to qawwali.

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