Coke Studio's 'Muaziz Saarif' is the feisty Shafi sibling collab we've been waiting for

Coke Studio's 'Muaziz Saarif' is the feisty Shafi sibling collab we've been waiting for

Meesha Shafi and Faris Shafi paired up for a song together for the very first time.
Updated 28 Feb, 2022

Coke Studio has brought together siblings Meesha Shafi and Faris Shafi for its ninth song from Season 14 'Muaziz Saarif' and the upbeat song has us asking one simple question — can Coke Studio's season 14 do any wrong? We've had one killer song follow another and the Shafi siblings collaboration is no different.

'Muaziz Saarif' was released on YouTube on February 27 and features Meesha and Faris bringing their unique music styles to the table. Coke Studio's executive producer for season 14, Xulfi, brought associate music producers ActionZain and Abdullah Siddiqui on board to help create a provocative track. The song was composed by Meesha, Faris and Xulfi while it was written by Meesha and Faris.

The song is all about the pair speaking their own truths as Faris and Meesha let loose in a dramatic and lush home set designed by Harris Khatri.

'Muaziz Saarif' is a "gloves-off sucker punch to the haters" according to Coke Studio. For Siddiqui, it's "one of those tracks that when we were jamming everyone was jumping — it’s just so big and catchy, just great pop energy”. “It’s got their je ne sais quoi,” agreed ActionZain “it’s calling the listener to hear something unfamiliar.”

In the song Siddiqui and ActionZain stitch their styles together, switching tempos to mirror different moods. ActionZain’s clean, brittle drums are offset by a tabla, mimicking Faris’ "rat-a-tat delivery". Abdullah’s orchestral touches let Meesha’s voice spin and fly. The producers also include real elements of the performers’ personalities, making the song personal. The “helloo” sample is a Faris battle cry, while Meesha’s natural ability to swap between soaring notes and scorching Punjabi rhymes is used to the maximum. The performers also use wordplay true to their individual styles: Faris takes his shots nonchalantly while Meesha attacks head on.

Netizens love what the siblings are bringing to the song and can't get enough of it.

"'Muaziz Saarif' is an absolute banger," tweeted one user. "[What a] song by the siblings Faris and Meesha. Powerful lyrics and the vocals were killer."

Meesha's queenly entrance in the video was all the rage.

"Her entrance was so ethereal!" read a tweet.

Faris stans also reminded the internet precisely why they love him.

"He's among the rare writers to combine Urdu, Punjabi and English in a way that sounds like one piece," tweeted one user. "The ease and clarity in his pronouncing is remarkable. Above all, he makes it look like fun."

The video was directed by Kamal Khan and fans are in awe of how the the entire was shot in a single take.

"I just realised 'Muaziz Saarif' is just a one-take video?? How...," tweeted one user.

What are your thoughts on Meesha and Faris' latest song?


Canadian Feb 28, 2022 02:00pm
Meesha is a great Canadian singer who sings in Urdu language. But who cares
Salman Feb 28, 2022 02:03pm
When is this liar Meesha going to jail ? She makes all her money in Pakistan through singing but whenever she has a court date, she flees to Canada with all sorts of excuses. Nation wants to see her geting judges in the court not on Coke Studio.
Mehreen Chandan Feb 28, 2022 04:00pm
@Canadian - Nope she is the daughter of the Pakistani actress Saba Hameed and has spent most of her life in Lahore, getting married here and having kids here. She has only moved to Canada a couple of years ago. But don't let the truth desist you from being delusional.
shazad khalid Feb 28, 2022 05:46pm
Its a pretty weak offering alongside 'peechay hutt' bit of a mixed bag from Coke Studio 14. Don't think these two songs stand up well against 'Tu Jhoom', 'Meharam', Pasoori and yeh dunya
Khan Feb 28, 2022 06:06pm
What a pathetic song and honestly Coke studio is not doing justice to its standards
Asma Sayeed Feb 28, 2022 07:11pm
Rubbish at best!
Akram Feb 28, 2022 08:44pm
Meesha Shafi is indicted by court, has not made any appearance there yet gets to jet into Pakistan, sing in coke studio and return to Canada. While Ali Zafar who happens to win the case, faces court proceedings, stays in the country yet is banned from participating by multinational brands in the country. This dual standards need to be addressed.
Firangi Mar 01, 2022 07:03am
Coke studio is a great organization, music is awesome, best wishes and love from India
Sara G Mar 01, 2022 07:41am
awful singer…..not sure what the fuss is about.
Laila Mar 02, 2022 08:11am
@Akram Ali Zafar didn't win the case. If you have any reliable sources for the win I'd like to read or view it.
Ahad Raza Mar 02, 2022 07:41pm
Fair time to boycott Misha and coke studio as Ali was shunned whence accused.