The trailer for ZEE5's Mrs & Mr Shameem is gripping — if only Pakistanis had access to the show

The trailer for ZEE5's Mrs & Mr Shameem is gripping — if only Pakistanis had access to the show

The 20-episode series stars Saba Qamar and Nauman Ijaz and will premiere on March 11.
03 Mar, 2022

The trailer for ZEE5's original web-series Mrs & Mr Shameem has been released, giving us a glimpse into a distinctive love story between two friends who become partners in marriage.

Mrs & Mr Shameem will be a 20-episode series starring actors Saba Qamar and Nauman Ijaz. The trailer was released on March 2 and hints at a unique storyline we haven't seen played out in Pakistani dramas — how a headstrong woman (played by Qamar) and a soft, sweet-natured man (played by Ijaz) bond as friends and marriage partners.

Mrs & Mr Shameem is directed by Kashif Nisar, who is known for dramas Dumpukht Aatish E Ishq, and O Rangreza. It has been produced by Nisar and Misbah Shafique while the script has been penned by contemporary writer Sajjad Gul.

Qamar spoke about her character Umaina in the series. “Umaina is fearless, strong and is not afraid to express herself," she said. "She is a true wild child. Playing this role was very exciting and challenging at the same time as it is very different from the roles I have played earlier. I think it’s time men and women are given the freedom to choose their path and not be restricted to play by the rules. Mrs & Mr Shameem demonstrates this perfectly.”

Ijaz too had much to say about his character. “Shameem is not like the usual hero you get to see in series and films," he said. "He is a soft-hearted, caring man. He redefines the portrayal of how an ideal man or man of the house typically should be. Throughout the show, you’ll see him practice respect, love and concern for his family and friends but unfortunately he is made fun of for being ‘effeminate’. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this character and I’m looking forward to the release of the show."

Mrs & Mr Shameem was previously titled Mann Jogi. The makers of the series renamed the series after much consideration. “We were contemplating about the title for a while and finally decided to call it Mrs & Mr Shameem," said Nisar. "It is a true reflection of the story and depicts a changing outlook among society — one in which the woman plays an equally significant role in a relationship. Saba and Nauman have done a fantastic job of bringing the characters Mrs & Mr Shameem to life."

Netizens are quite excited after seeing the trailer.

While the trailer has many of us hooked from the get-go, it's unfortunate that Pakistani viewers won't be able to stream and watch it on ZEE5. In 2020, the State Bank banned online subscriptions for streaming content from India (such as that from ZEE5), which means viewers in the country can't access content like Mrs & Mr Shameem. The web-series' refreshing and thought-provoking storyline is the kind of Pakistani content viewers have been pining for a long time, but sadly it's out of our reach (more on how we're less than happy about the ban right here).

Mrs & Mr Shameem is set to premiere on ZEE5 on March 11.