Asim Azhar's new song 'Kabhi Mai Kabhi Tum' releases on Feb 28

Asim Azhar's new song 'Kabhi Mai Kabhi Tum' releases on Feb 28

This is the singer-songwriter's first single from his debut album. The music video stars Saba Qamar and Fahad Mustafa.
Updated 17 Feb, 2022

A musician's first album is always a source of great excitement and if that musician is Asim Azhar, you can't expect anything less than spectacular. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter has continuously wowed fans with hit singles like 'Ghalat Fehmi' and 'Humraah', and fans have been pumped to hear the first song from his debut album ever since he posted the teaser in Nov 2021. The wait is almost over.

On Feb 16, the singer posted a countdown box on his Instagram Story, saying he was going to reveal a belated Valentine's Day present for his fans.

After the timer ended, he revealed his upcoming single is coming out in two weeks on Feb 28. "'Kabhi Mai.. Kabhi Tum'. My first single from my debut album — 28.02.22," Azhar captioned the post.

Musicians Talha Anjum, Shuja Haider and Yasir Jaswal were quick to drop down in the comment section and encourage their friend, hyping him up for the new release.

After the announcement, he started trending on Twitter. The singer posted a screenshot of the trend that read "ASIM AZHAR DEBUT ALBUM" and wrote "Already. Love you guys," addressing his fans.

The 'Soneya' singer posted the teaser for his music video about three months ago captioned, "Ladies and gentlemen, I have waited so long for this moment and finally — my first single from my first album [will be] releasing very soon!"

The music video teaser featured actors Saba Qamar and Fahad Mustafa playing love interests and showed affectionate scenes between the two that emphasised on feeling instead of seeing, possibly suggesting Qamar may be playing the role of someone with a visual impairment.

The release of his first album was previously delayed because of political tensions between India and Pakistan — he was signed with Indian music label Universal Music India.