Asim Azhar is releasing a song from his first album very soon

Asim Azhar is releasing a song from his first album very soon

He posted a teaser for the music video on Instagram starring Saba Qamar and Fahad Mustafa, along with some heartwarming words.
01 Dec, 2021

Singer Asim Azhar is clearly over the moon about his soon-to-be released single from his first upcoming first album. He shared his joy as well as a teaser for the song with his loving fans, aka "Asimates", on social media.

Azhar — who has hit singles such as 'Ghalat Fehmi' and 'Humraah' under his belt — will soon be releasing his first album. He's kickstarting promotions by releasing a new single. He posted a teaser of the music video for the single on Instagram. "Ladies and gentlemen, I have waited so long for this moment and finally — my first single from my first album [will be] releasing very soon!" he wrote in the caption.

The singer also tagged actors Fahad Mustafa and Saba Qamar in his post, both of whom are starring in the music video of the upcoming single, as seen in the teaser.

Azhar wasn't done there. He posted a reply underneath his post, talking about the "hard work, blood and sweat" he and his team have put into the upcoming releases. "Thank you for all your love," he wrote.

"I always want to be recognised with my work and that is what I'll always try to do. No matter how far people go with their actions, or try to stir up controversy to gain some attention. For me, my work will always come first. We exist because of the work, your love exists because of the work. With that being said, we have put in a lot of hard work, blood and sweat into this. and I really hope you all enjoy it as much. Love you!"

Musicians Talal Qureshi and Yasir Jaswal as well as actor Haroon Shahid and model Nadia Hussain commented on Azhar's post to express their excitement for the upcoming release.

In September, Azhar celebrated eight years of being in the mainstream music industry. The release of his first album was previously delayed because of political tensions between India and Pakistan. The situation delayed the album's release because the singer's record label was Indian — Universal Music India.


NYS Dec 01, 2021 03:41pm
So he was in the music industry since eight years ,two hits and now for the very first album releasing interesting... Imploring immense success on your way