Hania Aamir attended a concert where Asim Azhar performed — and of course Twitterati couldn't let it slide

Hania Aamir attended a concert where Asim Azhar performed — and of course Twitterati couldn't let it slide

The actor was seen enjoying herself in the crowd with her friends while Azhar sang on stage
Updated 30 Nov, 2021

Actor Hania Aamir was recently seen at the Karachi Music Revival, a concert held at the Moin Khan Academy, but her enjoying herself at the event like everyone else became news. She went to celebrate her close friend Aashir Wajahat who also performed at the event, but all people could focus on was Asim Azhar’s performance and her reaction to him.

Clips of Aamir singing along to Azhar’s song surfaced on the internet and fans of the two artists couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in her mind.

A Twitter user lauded Aamir for grooving at the event like a normal person and called out those who have been commenting about it.

A few even took the chance to create memes of the actor who turned her back while Azhar performed on stage. She sang along to the lyrics and bopped along though!

Some supporters jumped to her defence and requested Azhar’s stan accounts to end the hate being thrown at Aamir for simply attending the event.

Sometimes it’s okay to forget about your worries and let music therapy help you figure out life. What’s the problem if a celebrity wanted to enjoy some music?

A fan defended Aamir and said people need to focus on their own lives.

A gentle reminder: please wear masks! We weren’t the only ones who noticed that no one seemed to be wearing a mask, including Aamir.

A music festival is for the sole purpose of enjoyment and sometimes you'll bump into people you used to hang out with but doesn’t mean that you’ll book a cab and head back home. If Aamir chose to just enjoy the music and live in the moment, who are we or anyone else to stop her?

At the end of the day, why is it even a big deal? You don’t pay for a ticket just to support your friends — a music festival is fun and there’s no harm in enjoying every bit of it. We hope that people realise that it’s okay to grow up and deal with an awkward situation maturely.