Sonya Hussyn (sort of) reveals the first look of her action film Daadal

Sonya Hussyn (sort of) reveals the first look of her action film Daadal

She's going to be playing a "fighter girl" in the movie, which is being directed by Abu Aleeha.
Updated 16 Feb, 2022

Hot on the heels of Shot Cut’s announcement comes yet another film from director Abu Aleeha, but this time its an action movie starring Sonya Hussyn.

The actor’s guise is evident — if you squint very, very hard — in the selectively out of focus project reveal on her Instagram, where she is punching the daylights out of someone.

Other than the glove, details are scarce of the project titled Daadal, which had completed a shooting spell during the last few weeks in Karachi. The film is produced by Neha Laaj, the producer of the upcoming film Chaudhry – The Martyr, based on the life of SP Mohammad Aslam Khan aka Chaudhry Aslam, which is set for release on May 27 by Hum Films.

Daadal also stars Mohsin Abbas Haider as a really bad cop (bad cops are very much in these days, it seems), Maira Khan, Adnan Shah Tipu, Shamoon Abbasi and Rizwan Jaffri.

The film concludes its remaining shooting spell in March, for a release this year according to the producers. Hopefully, it is not announced as another Eid release.

Hussyn said shooting is going very, very well. "I'm playing a fighter girl," she explained to Images, adding that her character comes from a Baloch family and lives in the fictional Dadal.

"The characteristics of Baloch people are that they are very strong headed and that don’t stand for wrong things," she said, adding that her character has gone through a lot in life and now isn't going to take a step back. "If there’s any injustice in her life, she will punch right back," said Hussyn, who is having a blast filming.

The cast and crew have been scouting out locations in Lyari and visiting people there as part of the pre-production process. I've even taken boxing classes, proper ones, remarked Hussyn. "The blood and sweat put in, the injuries that have been suffered, they're all going to be worth it once the film comes out," she said.

The actor was all praises for director Abu Aleeha. She said he's into a different type of cinema from the usual commercial projects and that with a good budget, good production and big creativity margin, the director will be able to do a lot. She's "101% sure" the project will be great.