Sonya Hussyn turns environmentalist in her new drama Mor Moharaan

Published 15 Mar, 2021 05:43pm

Irfan Ul Haq

The series is about global warming and climate change and is expected to premiere after Eid.

Actor Sonia Hussyn will be starring in a drama about an environmentalist from Cholistan. A release date for Mor Moharaan, which will be shown on TV One, hasn't been announced yet but it is expected to premiere after Eid.

Hussyn spoke to Images about her role and described her character as a "girl who loves nature and is down-to-earth, sober, and practical when it comes to realising her idealistic dreams".

She’s an environmentalist from Rohi, Cholistan, and is very passionate and dedicated to resolving issues that her community deals with, such as water consumption and plantation, she said. Her character works with village women, pulling out water from wells and breaks bread with the villagers too.

"There are two moods of this character. At work, she is sober and dignified, while at home, she is reflective. Outdoors she is energetic, elated, and full of love for her soil, trees, birds, streams, and lakes," she explained.

The producers haven't cast a male lead yet, and the story itself seems to be more than the average Pakistani drama. The story is about global warming and climate change, focusing on issues such as weather conditions, plantation, and the current water crisis in Pakistan, Hussyn explained.

The story has been written by Ali Moeen, is being directed by Owais Khan and produced by Seema Taher Khan.

It also stars Shehryar Zaidi, Firdous Jamal and Samia Mumtaz.

Hussyn is coming off the success of her most recent drama, Saraab. She recently spoke about how important it is that the Pakistani media industry has begun to address mental health in its shows. Her character in Saraab helped her learn a lot about mental illnesses and was "one of the most challenging projects I’ve had to take on but simultaneously the most educational experience of my life".