A global pandemic, social isolation, and time away from career, families and loved ones — 2020 indeed was a year of thoughtful self-cultivation and priority shifts. And like us, actor Sonya Hussyn has decided to make some healthy changes as well.

In a series of liberating pictures on instagram, she revealed to her audience what all she wants to do differently in this new year.

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"So I have many many resolutions for 2021 and specially after the events which have transpired the year 2020 due to Covid, I have decided to enjoy every moment to the fullest without the fear of being judged," the Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida actor posted on Instagram.

She also expressed an interest in exploring the divine and indulging in greater self-care.

"Besides that, I want to get in touch with my spiritual side, and cultivate a stronger relationship with myself so that I don't have to be emotionally drained for silly reasons," she added, encouraging all her fans and followers to "love and spread love!"

As the actor is currently spending time in New York, we are living vicariously through her holiday looks, learning a little from her style mantras slaying every single day.

From timeless turtlenecks to pulling off leather jackets with a vengeance, Hussyn is lighting up the streets of New York and our feeds, one outfit at a time.