Valentine's Day got a lot more special with Spotify's latest feature Blend

Valentine's Day got a lot more special with Spotify's latest feature Blend

The feature allows two users to compare their playlists and see if they are compatible with each other.
12 Feb, 2022

Is there anything as uniting as similar music tastes? Well, Spotify’s latest social tool Blend might be the perfect way to find your special someone this Valentine's Day.

The music streaming platform is a big believer in the power of music bringing people closer together. Whether you are star-crossed lovers or a group of best friends that enjoy listening to the same songs, music is here to help you deepen your bond with one another.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, love in the air and in the Spotify app through its latest feature called Blend. No matter what you're planning to do this Valentine's Day, you can use Blend to make your significant other feel extra special.

Blend provides a ready-to-use customised playlist, without the hassle of selecting songs manually. It’s a unique social tool that allows two Spotify users to compare their playlists to see if they are compatible with one another. Once the evaluation is complete, Blend provides users with a score (a percentage to be exact) that reveals how similar their music-listening preferences are while creating a playlist of songs that bring the two users together.

Eager to test your compatibility score with your someone special? Just open the Spotify app, tap on "Create Blend” in the “Made For You” hub on your mobile, then tap “invite” to select a friend to join your Blend via messaging, and once they accept, the matching process will begin.

Spotify will create a custom cover art and a track list for the two of you filled with songs that are a perfect combination of your music tastes and preferences. You can not only listen to the combined playlist but also share it on social media showing your compatibility rate with your friends and the world.


TenJee Feb 12, 2022 04:30pm
Valentines Day origins are from the Pagan Lupercalia festival with Satanic undertones. As with Christmas and Halloween, naive but 'modern' Pakistanis adopt these blindly but in reality they have Satanic/Pagan origins. I wonder when, in continuing this trend, we will start to Happy Bophamet Day being celebrated in Pakistan.
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JS Feb 12, 2022 06:58pm
I'd rather not. With music tastes as different as ours, it might have the opposite effect!
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