07 Feb, 2022

If you've recently come across reports of Ali Gul Pir's demise on the internet, don't believe them! The comedian is still in the land of the living and he wants you to know it.

Gul Pir took time out on Sunday to announce he's not dead after an online tabloid reported his demise. He gave proof of life by posting a tweet and kept his sense of humour about the bizarre news circulating online.

"Yes I’m dead. Tweeting from the grave, I won’t go easy," he wrote.

Well, zombie Gul Pir definitely seems as funny as his alive self. His fans have it good either way. Many of them made fun of the false report shared by the comedian on Twitter.

"Thank God you can still tweet," tweeted journalist Waseem Abbasi. Hopefully his parody videos will keep coming as well.

"Ali, you've achieved nirvana," read a tweet. Is that how he's replying from the dead?

"Qabar main bhi aram nhn aya [He didn't find peace in his grave either]," lamented one user, alluding to a famous line by PM Imran Khan said in 2020.

Gul Pir seconded what the user said. "Qabar mai bhi sukoon nahi mila! [I did not find peace even in my grave!]."

A follower was curious to know what being dead felt like. "How it is being underground?" they asked.

The comedian replied with a gif and asserted he's doing "fine" in the afterlife.

One user seemed pretty confident Gul Pir didn't land in paradise. "How's hell?" he asked.

His snappy comeback to this not-so-nice assumption was another gif.

Good thing Gul Pir clarified the matter before social media really did consider him well and truly dead. Let's share things a little more wisely on the internet, shall we?