Comedian Ali Gul Pir may be 'unemployed' but he's got five interesting things to tell you

Comedian Ali Gul Pir may be 'unemployed' but he's got five interesting things to tell you

The internet's go-to parody maker loves making fun of politicians and one politician actually called him up to appreciate it.
Updated 02 Dec, 2021

Ali Gul Pir is one of the few comedians the internet can rely on for a good laugh for two and the man behind the jokes recently sat down with Images to dish out some interesting things about himself and what he's up to that are definitely worth knowing.

Gul Pir is known for posting parodies of celebrities and politicians on social media. "I am an unemployed person who who tries to make people laugh and get money from it and live a good life," he quipped.

His funny videos and content on social media tends to attract both love and hate online. In October, the comedian received some nasty comments after posting an image on Instagram in which he's dressed up as American actor Lili Reinhart from this year's Met Gala — albeit in a funny way that mades good use of loofahs.

We asked Gul Pir how he handles comments from trolls online and looks like he's got a good system in place. "I don't read too many comments," he said. "For me social media is like a dukaan [shop] where I present my words and I put up my video. I read the first 50 comments and that gives me a good idea of [people's opinion]. I get good comments or I get bad comments and I move on."

What made him switch over from rapping to parody videos, we asked. "I think an artist should be versatile and like any other human being, if you keep doing the same thing for a long time you get bored of it and you might want to take a break, do something new and come back," the comedian responded. "I haven't left music. I am working on a track which I will release in a month. So I'd just taken a break."

Gul Pir rose to fame back in 2012 when his song Waderai Ka Beta went viral on social media. In March, he released a song featuring rapper Eva B called 'Tera Jism Meri Marzi'.

The 'unemployed' comedian said he's working on a few new things and we were all ears. "I am working on a new song that I want to release and I am working on a few videos and I am also writing something," he said.

"The new music video is about people who show hate online and bully other people so it is basically a culture of being the worst version of yourself on the internet and I make fun of that. I make fun of trolls."

Where does the comedian find the funny videos he makes parodies of?

"I follow a lot of meme pages [on social media]," he said. "I have a lot of friends who send me this content, and now it is the audience; you guys send me a lot of videos. People who watch me video go like: 'Ali bhai I have picked out this video for you parody', and then eight out of 10 times it is actually a good video."

To him, there is no better material than Pakistani politics. "I pick politicians because they are the funniest. They say some of the stupidest things and these are the people running our country so it is very sad but it also very funny," he explained when asked what his favourite subject to make parody videos was.

Do celebrities or other people in Gul Pir's videos ever reach out to him?

"Yes. A lot of them appreciate, or most of them appreciate [the videos]. one or two criticise the videos and that's okay," he said. "It is their right to criticise. I think being a public figure and creating art, they can hate it or like it, that's their decision.

"I have been appreciated by a certain politician I made fun of. He called me and said he enjoyed it. Even others; [I've gotten] appreciation from Faysal Quraishi when I made a video about Faysal Quraishi's show and a funny video from it. Some celebrities do not appreciate the joke though. Politicians are better at taking critique.

"It is always appreciated when someone I make fun of appreciates the joke and doesn't think big of it."

We asked Gul Pir who this particular politician was who got back to him was but sadly he can't spill the name. "I cannot tell you who the politician is because that person told me not to publicise it," he said.

It's good to know there are people out there who take Gul Pir's parodies in their stride, well, some of them at least. The comedian's videos and songs always manage to pique our interest and we're eager to see what he has in stored for us with his upcoming song.


M. Saeed Dec 02, 2021 08:32pm
Comedy has to be humane and not insulting anyone, to be appreciated by all.
Memon Abdul Dec 03, 2021 11:48am
His stuff is measuredly broad and balanced. Everyone can enjoy it without taking it personally. Only people I imagine getting hurt would be people with already low self esteem or a minor case of psychological mis-wiring either ways, generally, his stuff is digestible. Keep up the great work!