Comedian Ali Gul Pir reminds us his comedy sketches aren't a licence to bully or harass celebrities

Comedian Ali Gul Pir reminds us his comedy sketches aren't a licence to bully or harass celebrities

His latest sketch poked fun at model Sadaf Kanwal after her recent comments on marriage and feminism caused controversy.
02 Aug, 2021

Comedian Ali Gul Pir recently took to social media to remind people that his comedic takes on celebrity antics do not give people the right to bully, harass or verbally abuse the celebrities his sketches focus on.

The comedian is known for his funny and satirical sketches on celebrities whose remarks cause a bit of drama and controversy on social media. He recently made a sketch on model Sadaf Kanwal after her comments on marriage and feminism went viral.

He posted an Instagram Story and asked viewers to be wary of crossing the line between poking fun in good humour and downright bullying people. "Guys I'm a comedian and it's my job to make fun of celebrities and their public works (songs, interviews, dramas, etc)," he wrote. "This does not mean that anyone should bully or harass them. These videos I make are to be laughed at, that's it!"

"Please be kind and tolerant," he emphasised at the end.

Pir often uses comedy to highlight underlying social issues that need to be acknowledged and addressed. He previously posted a video in January to highlight the rampant verbal harassment women face on the streets.


ST Aug 02, 2021 02:08pm
Haha!.. superb!
Fastrack Aug 02, 2021 02:42pm
Ali Gul "Reminds us.."? Aap karein tou 'halka sa mazaak'. Hum karein tou..
Hasaan Aug 02, 2021 02:56pm
Well yeah laughing at someone is not bullying
FAZ Aug 02, 2021 03:29pm
He makes fun of how women look, speak or even work. In the current tsunami of feminism sweeping across the well to do diaspora of female citizens of Pakistan, how will he differentiate harassment and joke? Sooner or later some of his work will be tagged as harassment and he will face the music then.
M. Saeed Aug 02, 2021 04:00pm
Comedy should be light and clean hilarity. It should not offend anybody.
Jamil Soomro, New York City Aug 02, 2021 04:28pm
Long live Ali Gul Pir. 10 out of 10 to you on your honest Video. I have always enjoyed your meaningful talent which always carries a strong message. Well done.
NYS Aug 02, 2021 05:13pm
Not so special
Diogenes Aug 02, 2021 08:10pm
"i can make the fun and encourage ridicule , you can not" Ali Gul Pir