Aijaz Aslam promises viewers a break from romance in his upcoming film Future Imperfect

Published 30 Jul, 2021 02:51pm

Irfan Ul Haq

The actor will star alongside Mashal Khan in an action-packed film that verges on the supernatural.

Actor Aijaz Aslam is starring alongside Mashal Khan in the upcoming film Future Imperfect which promises viewers a break from the usual romance shown on television.

Written and directed by Mohammad Kamran Jawaid, the film is an action-packed thriller that verges on the supernatural. The film tells the story of a salesman — played by Aslam — who discovers a diary written by his future self. This discovery propels him on a journey that alters the course of his life.

The promo for the upcoming film has been released on YouTube and shows glimpses of many familiar celebrity faces. Aslam and Mashal will star alongside Khaled Anum, Khalid Zafar and Hassam Khan.

Speaking to Images, Aslam called the film "very different" from what we usually see on television screens. "It has action and suspense and is different from the usual short films being made in Pakistan. The genre is different and visually it looks really good," he said.

"The story is a break from the usually family-oriented or romance genres we see on television," Aslam highlighted.

Mashal said the story is about "power" and "choosing between right and wrong". "There is a lot of action so it's really cool. The action has been choreographed and done by Ibrahim Kushtiwala, who is trained in martial arts," she said.

Aslam was recently seen alongside actors Mahnoor Baloch and Faysal Quraishi in the Eid telefilm Ghan Chakkr in July. Mashal last starred in the television serial Khwaab Nagar Ki Shehzadi alongside Mikaal Zulfiqar.