Adnan Siddiqui is considering doing more amusing things to keep Pakistan's meme industry going

Adnan Siddiqui is considering doing more amusing things to keep Pakistan's meme industry going

The actor believes he has finally arrived after his fiery selfie launched many, many memes online.
06 Jan, 2022

Most people dread the idea of becoming a meme, but apparently not actor Adnan Siddiqui. His 'fiery' photos were the first thing that caught the internet's attention in 2022 and became the subject of several memes but he isn't too broken up about it.

The Meray Paas Tum Ho star loves the jokes and shared a clip of Ali Gul Pir recreating scenes from his drama serial Daira. Siddiqui played a character in the drama based on the novel Moth Smoke. In the scene Gul Pir recreated, his character consumed alcohol. Gul Pir recreated it as only he can and connected it to the memes of Siddiqui smashing bottles of liquor seized by the Customs department and setting them on fire in Karachi.

Siddiqui re-posted the clip to his Instagram account and wrote, "I have finally arrived!!! How you ask? Well, when your memes start trending all over social media, you have moved up the ladder."

He said he was really impressed with how "efficiently Ali Gul Pir has pulled off my character Auzi from the drama Daira".

Thanks to you, the actor is now considering "doing amusing things to give fodder to meme industry." Previously the 52-year-old actor had considered venturing into a different field to try out something new. Looks like his calling might just be memes.

Siddiqui appeared on SAMAA TV morning show Naya Din on January 5 and explained why he wanted to attend the event and took the photo that sparked all the memes. He wanted to "raise awareness about illegal substances and to destroy them". He said these substances were destroying the lives of the younger generation.

He had no idea that his photo would become a meme. "I thought of the children whose futures have been saved and instantly took a selfie with the destruction and fire in the back. I wanted to become an example by highlighting that what was being destroyed is a bad thing."

Siddiqui said he loved all the memes shared on social media and is open to seeing more in the future. As long as he provides the material, the internet is sure to oblige him on that front.


Nighat Jan 06, 2022 01:29pm
Siddiqi or SiddiqUi ? Are we still under the yoke of colonialism, that one spells a local name Siddiqi with a U as Siddiqui ? Why is U added to this name? Because of an English language rule? These rules should be kept for colonial Kings and Q-U- eens not for their EX colonies. After all the name is not Bombay but Mumbai, not Ceylon but Sri Lanka. The cultural identity should be maintained although a language can be used as a vehicle for communication.
NYS Jan 06, 2022 03:36pm
Most of his post keep people engage and virtually interact
Commentman Jan 06, 2022 04:53pm
Something tells me he was trolling the ANF guys. No way he's not into drinking a peg or two, once a while.
Nomi Jan 06, 2022 08:51pm
@Nighat did you sleep ok last night?