From lawyer to dry fruit vendor: Adnan Siddiqui asks fans for alternate career suggestions and they deliver

From lawyer to dry fruit vendor: Adnan Siddiqui asks fans for alternate career suggestions and they deliver

The actor was 'inspired' by Elon Musk and got some hilarious responses when he asked his followers for career advice.
17 Dec, 2021

Adnan Siddiqui has made quite a name for himself for his stellar acting — be it in Aroosa, Meray Paas Tum Ho or Ye Dil Mera. But despite all the love and praise, the actor seems to want to take a cue from Elon Musk and take up a new career path. He asked fans for suggestions on Twitter and they definitely answered his call.

Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently said he was thinking of quitting his job to become an "influencer". We're pretty sure he wasn't serious — at least we hope he wasn't serious!

Fellow actor Fahad Mustafa dropped by and assured Siddiqui that he has all the support he needs to step back and try something new.

A fan from India told the Mom actor he could try becoming an author and give storytelling a shot. They even offered to come along to document the journey!

Another Twitter user thought he would do well with a career in law. She also offered to mentor him.

Someone even suggested that he could set up a dry fruit stall.

Perhaps putting his name on pine nuts, roasted almonds, cashew nuts and rice cakes could kickstart a new business idea.

A fan replied to the actor with a suggestion of becoming a designer since his sense of style is immaculate. We could actually see this happening! Siddiqui definitely has an eye for style.

A Twitter user also recommended that he step into a director's shoes and create a blockbuster.

While we aren't sure if Musk was joking, we're pretty sure Siddiqui was. After all, fans would probably revolt if this was true! What do you think an alternative career path for the actor could be? Perhaps the CEO of an electric car making company?


Zulfiqar Dec 17, 2021 08:59pm
Gola Ganda Thela will be ideal. It will help you see the city and it’s people like never before
Zulfiqar Dec 17, 2021 09:33pm
Join the cast of Osman or Barboslar
NYS Dec 18, 2021 12:26am
You can substituted amicably in mens' grooming with patience
Ron Dec 18, 2021 12:32am
Adnan Sahib, i would suggest meet Maulana Tariq Jameel, go for umrah and devote rest of your life preaching Islam, you can fill the gap of Late JJ....People will follow you, listen to you and you will have the best here after. Think about it...Its never too late until you take first step
Omar Dec 18, 2021 02:34am
Maybe learn proper acting in free time.
asim Dec 18, 2021 02:57am
It is time to become an 'INSAAN'. Ever thought of?
Bilal Rafique Dec 18, 2021 05:23am
Adnan Siddiqui & Elon Musk must interchange their Professions to help each other, benefit for both
M. Saeed Dec 18, 2021 11:23am
Best is the honesty of purpose. Try any trade and make gold out of it with purity and honesty.
Safir A Siddiqui Dec 18, 2021 05:55pm
Elon Musk is scientist and entrepreneur above all a risk taker so it is impossible to ape him.It will be disastrous if Adnan Siddiqui quits acting.Dilip Kumar never quit acting,take a cue there.Be a philanthropist and serve humanity.Isn’t it a good idea.
WesternEast Dec 19, 2021 04:06am
Motivational speaker bun jain, best rhay ga. Awaam ko zarorat bhi hei aur yeah actors k alawa kissi ki nahin suntay
SKF Dec 20, 2021 04:15pm
The guy thinks he is Elon Musk