From Bilal Maqsood to Yasra Rizvi: Covid, negativity are what your favourite celebs want to leave in 2021

From Bilal Maqsood to Yasra Rizvi: Covid, negativity are what your favourite celebs want to leave in 2021

While leaving Covid behind is on many celebrities' list, all of them want to welcome 2022 with a fresh start and so do we.
31 Dec, 2021

Bidding farewell to a year means a list of worries, emotions and regrets you want to leave behind in order to move on. Our celebrities aren't immune to this desire to leave this useless baggage in the past.

We already shared our own list of things that we would like to leave behind, but how could we forget our celebrities? Here's what they had to say.

Sonya Hussyn

Oh, there’s so much I’d like to leave behind. In all honesty, 2021 wasn’t the best of years for me. But if I were to really list down what I don’t want a part of my life, it would have to be indecision, emotional turbulence and certain people even. I’m hoping that the New Year allows me to be more careful with my company, so I know where I’m investing my time and energy, and evolve in order to look past a lot of instability I had to endure.

Bilal Maqsood

Post Strings, my professional life has changed entirely. With the world changing so fast, planning for the future has become near impossible. I’m leaving behind my anchor in 2021 and letting the wind guide me to wherever I’m meant to be.

Shaniera Akram

This year has been a big one for me, I left Pakistan for the first time for a long time. I spent a year abroad in Australia and instead of dwelling on the negative of leaving my home, family, friends and work I used this year to work on myself and my daughter’s development. I have healed, learnt and grown stronger than ever before ready to take on what 2022 has in store for me. Bring it on.

Faysal Quraishi

As 2021 comes to a close I hope we leave behind all that is stopping our country from reaching its full potential. I sincerely hope that in the coming year we can leave behind, hatred, intolerance, mob mentality, misogyny, and every evil that has caused sorrow nationwide, adding to the difficult years we’ve had during the pandemic. The Sialkot incident where a Sri Lankan manager was lynched was the height of intolerance and this was just one incident among many. We have so much more to learn as a society. We need to leave behind the mistreatment of women and children. Let us suffer no more. Let the new year bring an opportunity for us to grow out of archaic mentalities and may the years ahead deem us better than we ever were before.

Ahsan Khan

I would just urge everyone to learn to co-exist. Tolerance makes it possible for people to coexist peacefully. It is the basis for a fair society in which everyone can lead their lives as they wish. I feel that we as a nation need to work together for better Pakistan. We need to do it now and always keep in mind whatever we do it would eventually effect our future as a nation.

Adnan Siddiqui

I’d like to leave behind my fear of the unknown and anxiety of what lies ahead. The last two years, if anything, have been a big lesson on the fragility of life. There is no point in planning for years ahead and fretting over it. Live in the present moment!

Faryal Mehmood

I feel like every day I'm a new person, evolving and growing onto someone I love and looked up to. As 2022 embarks upon us, I'd like to express gratitude for 2021— it taught me a lot, about myself and about the relationships I've made with people. Professional or intimate — it's been wonderful. Met many new people, had the opportunity of traveling a lot! What I'd like to leave behind is self-doubt — as women, as people, we tend to forget who we are and what we are capable of from time to time. I'd like to say let go of things like self-doubt that hold me back from achieving my potential. With that being said, I open arms and I welcome 2022 and see what this year brings to me.

Yasra Rizvi

I would like to leave behind my stupid self who still thinks most people are actually honest and nobody fakes sincerity.

Armeena Khan

I will get rid of expired relationships, I will stop overthinking and people pleasing. I will no longer allow external forces to dictate on how to live my life. This new year will also see a better me.

Nadia Hussain

I'd like to leave behind all and every variant of coronavirus and get back to leading an absolutely normal life as was pre-Covid.

Tooba Siddiqui

I would like leave behind all the negativity around the Covid-19 virus, which has been stressful for everyone and just look forward to a better year ahead.

Abdullah Siddiqui

I want to leave behind the need to control everything, especially in my professional life. Sometimes one simply has to accept that what’s meant to happen will happen, which is easier said than done.

Aagha Ali

I would like to leave behind this virus we all came to know as “Covid”. I really wish that in the coming years we never get to hear the word “pandemic” ever again! I wish each and everyone a safe and happy 2022.

Ali Gul Pir

I want to leave behind toxicity in thoughts and other people around me. No room for negativity, jealousy and doubters. Only winning, only love, only success, even when I fail. If you are a person who says “can’t” a lot, then you are not going to be around me in 2022.

Ali Sethi

I would like to leave behind Covid, obviously, but also religious dogma, nationalism, and ignorance of all kinds. The planet faces apocalypse — and we’re still bickering about borders and boundaries.

Komal Rizvi

In 2021, I'm leaving behind all worries regarding my own future. And learning to take each day (the present) as it comes! Life is GREAT, and every moment is a blessing. Alhumdolillah.

Atiqa Odho

I'd like to see the world leave the Covid pandemic behind and start a fresh and safe new chapter from 2022. A Covid-free world where we may all live and breathe safely once again. Ameen.

Yasir Hussain

I would like to leave behind corona!

Ah celebrities, they're just like us. They also have a laundry list of regrets and worries that they want to get rid off before the New Year arrives. What are the things you would like to leave behind in 2021?