A selfie was all it took for Adnan Siddiqui to become Pakistani Twitter's newest meme

A selfie was all it took for Adnan Siddiqui to become Pakistani Twitter's newest meme

A picture of the actor in front of a raging fire? That'll do it.
03 Jan, 2022

As a celebrity, whenever you're posting a picture online, there's one thing you should keep in mind — it may just become fodder for Twitter's next meme. Adnan Siddiqui just learned that when he posted a selfie in front of a pile of burning liquor.

Recently, Siddiqui attended the a destruction ceremony of confiscated goods organised by the Customs (Enforcement) Karachi and recorded himself joining in the process of destroying seized liquor and drugs.

The post included a selfie in front of the raging fire that was picked up by Pakistani Twitter and circulated with quite the range of meme content. From Babar Azam supremacy to Imran Khan's ghabrana nahi hai, Twitter has it all.

Okay Mamoo, we see you.

Cue Pam from The Office saying it's the same picture.

People made the meme political.

Others took the time to renew calls of Babar Azam supremacy.

The evil phuppo stereotype persisted.

Oops — looks like Shehwaar from Mere Paas Tum Ho has entered the conversation.

Ain't that the truth?

No meme is complete without someone pitting Federal Minister of Education Shafqat Mehmood against students.

Cute animal videos > degree.

People took shots at overseas Pakistanis.

The pictorial representation of how those processed spicy ramyeon noodles feel.

One had to be dedicated to Crypto.

No year is complete without a meme calendar. We've got January sorted!

Pakistani meme makers have some serious range! We hope Siddiqui is getting as many laughs out of these memes as the rest of us are.


naseem Jan 03, 2022 03:17pm
China ko deke debt kumm kar lete
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AHAQ Jan 03, 2022 03:58pm
A lost and confused mind linking apples with oranges
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Dr Salaria Ahmed Part II Jan 03, 2022 11:35pm
Who cares
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Ahsan Gul Jan 04, 2022 06:31am
Sidiqqi must be careful of the drug lords. Sincerely
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Nazia Jan 04, 2022 06:47pm
@naseem love it. I think best so far.
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Alkuwaiti Jan 06, 2022 12:54pm
These are all too funny
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Danial Ahmed Jan 08, 2022 03:15pm
Ironically correct, Pakistan is burning and having disasters since Imran became PM.
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