Chai, pakoras and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Karachiites welcome another spell of winter rain

Updated 05 Jan, 2022 02:38pm

Images Staff

Rain in Karachi calls for celebrations and pictures for some but for others there's no joy in power outages and flooded streets.

A cold winter morning, raindrops clinging to leaves and craving a warm cup of tea? That's exactly what most of Karachi woke up to on Wednesday morning. But can good weather even be enjoyed if you don't post about it on Twitter? Not for Karachi's Twitter users.

One user shared a rather poetic experience — enjoying maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's music along with cosy winter wear, a long drive and doughnuts.

Another user shared a classic Karachi winter meme.

This user couldn't help themselves and to be honest, as Karachiites, we approve.

Many shared aesthetic photos of rain in the city.

The rain made some users seriously poetic.

Others highlighted the importance of a warm cup of coffee or chai.

For many residents of the city, the rain brought colder temperatures than Karachiites are used to.

Some were realistic about the rain and what comes with it — no power and flooded streets.

Living in Karachi means being filled with both excitement and dread when it rains. But that dread doesn't stop us from being peak Karachiites and pulling out our winter wear whenever the temperature drops a single degree. What's your favourite thing about winter rain?