Karachiites welcome 'Bheega December' on Twitter with the first spell of winter rain

Published 27 Dec, 2021 01:17pm

Images Staff

The city seems cooler and people say it feels like a "drizzle in a desert."

The city of lights may have a gas shortage, crazy traffic jams on Shahrah-e-Faisal and a terrible drainage system but Karachi tou Karachi hai yaar. Rain is both a luxury and a curse for us and that luxury comes at a great price. But we'll deal with that price later. Right now, Karachiites are enjoying the cooler weather and have taken to Twitter to rave about the rain.

According to the forecast, Karachi will experience after its first spell of winter rain a maximum temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 16 degrees today. Over the next two days, the metropolis will likely record a maximum temperature of 24°C and a minimum of 12°C.

Twitter has witnessed reactions ranging from glee, memes and some reality checks too but first, let us have our Islamabad moment.

Twitter users have chosen the perfect time for Abrar ul Haq's 'Bheega Bheega Sa Yeh December' to make complete sense.

The memes have had their range too. We have our glass half full people.

And our glass half empty people.

Most people are happy about the "drizzle in the desert" though.

Some enough to sacrifice their sleep for it.

Some are just happy about working from home. We feel that!

Who else woke up to the sound of thunder?

Who needs an expensive sound system when you have nature, right?

We wouldn't mind it either, if only our roads didn't flood every time it rained.

It's true though, the rain makes Karachi winter feel like winter.

Brace yourselves for a reality check!

And another. Traffic jams truly are an evil that need eradicating.

That's it for today, folks. Before we deal with the consequences of the rain, we suggest you pick up a cup of chai and gaze at the skies — Karachi's sun doesn't rest for long.