7 unpopular opinions we have on the first day of 2022

7 unpopular opinions we have on the first day of 2022

Ah, what a fine day to get on the internet's nerves.
01 Jan, 2022

Day 1 of 2022 — like most of the world, you probably started it with a go get 'em attitude and your list of new year resolutions in hand. You poor soul.

We bet the internet hyped this day up really well for you. Did it promise you fame, success and joy minutes after you woke up? Did it promise you birds singing? We bet it did. Look, while that’s great and all — three cheers for positivity and all that jazz — there’s nothing like a healthy dose of reality checks to really begin your day right. Listening to opinions that you don’t agree with is how you get that adrenaline rushing through your system to tackle the day with vigour, and so without further ado, here are seven unpopular opinions that’ll have you scandalised and energised to start achieving your goals in no time.

Fireworks are actually not all that they're cracked up to be

We hate to break it to you, but that gorgeous display of sparkle and colour that gloriously erupts in the night sky? It's bad for the environment. B.A.D. Fireworks dispel some nasty chemical pollutants into the atmosphere, contributing to air pollution and climate change. Mother nature is heavily burdened by our actions as it is, let's not add to the list of things we're not doing right please. Take a cue from your introverted friends with zero social lives on New Year's Eve — order a pizza in, watch a movie and sleep on time.

It's not that cold Karachi, put the puffer jackets away

Look Karachi, we love you. You've blessed this country with spectacularly flavoured biryani but look, put those heavy puffer jackets away. The weather is chilly yes, but it is not freezing cold. The people up North are snickering at you with good reason.

"But this is as cold as it is going to get in the city," says a Karachiite somewhere in the distance. "When else will we get a chance to wear our hoodies and sweaters?" Our hearts go out to you. You are truly deprived of the joy of a proper winter, but that's still no excuse for foregoing pragmatic seasonal fashion.

Petition to make January 1 a public holiday denied

Were you up past midnight watching the fireworks on New Year's Eve? I bet you're pretty tired right now. In an ideal world, this would be cause enough to have a day off from work on January 1, but the world isn't an ideal place, even in 2022. Get back to your cubicles, you corporate slave.

Hating on influencers doesn't make you a better human being for the rest of the year

"They're not influencers, they are influenza." Yeah, yeah, yeah, we heard you through most of 2021. Sure, there are many influencers out there driving up insecurities and unhappiness in their followers with their false visions of a 'perfect life', but that is exactly why we follow these influencers on social media. We crave their lies and deceit. Stop making us feel guilty about our guilty pleasures.

The last sunset of 2021 looks exactly the same as the first sunset of 2022. Big whoop

All those folks who shared #lastsunsetof2021 posts on Instagram, we see you and we're judging you, big time.

KFC isn't as great as you are all making it out to be. There, someone said it

Pakistani Twitter is obsessed with KFC. It is their manna from the heavens and for a few weeks in 2021, we fell for all those tweets that lorded KFC as the best fast food option in Pakistan. We tried it out every other weekend but we did not reach fried food Nirvana. It was good, but was it the greatest fast food to ever grace the country like Twitter had us believing? No, not really. The hype is not real.

Shehzad Roy IS ageing

Let the singer age please.

Its time we stop glorifying 'youthfulness'. Ageing is a natural human process, we all get a wrinkles and flabby skin with the passage of time, let's celebrate and normalise the process. Let's accept it as a beautiful facet of being human. Making exceptions out of individuals who seemingly don't look a day older makes those who do feel really bad. Roy IS ageing, but in his own way.

That's it folks — your reality check for the day. Hopefully we've got your blood pumping to tackle the rest of the day with zeal. Now go get 'em tiger —time to conquer 2022.


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Jan 01, 2022 05:38pm
United we stand, divided we fall.
Taj Ahmad Jan 01, 2022 06:06pm
Bye bye 2021 and welcome to 2022 with open heart, love in the great city Karachi. Let's make Karachi a great and well lighted city again. I urges Administrator Murtaza Wahab, please do your best to make this mega city a beautiful city again. Thanks to all.
Faisal Jan 01, 2022 08:04pm
@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad stop spamming
Tanvir Khan Jan 01, 2022 10:02pm
It's just a number!
Iqbal Aswani Jan 03, 2022 12:45pm
Hahaha. Say you are against fireworks because it harms environment. Then say you need holiday on 1st Jan because you were tired after last night's fireworks. I mean does the world really need to run your way?