Karachi traffic had Atif Aslam hitching a bike ride to his concert and netizens have mixed reactions

Karachi traffic had Atif Aslam hitching a bike ride to his concert and netizens have mixed reactions

The singer was filmed heading to his concert at the KN Academy on Friday on a motorbike.
27 Dec, 2021

Atif Aslam made headlines on Friday when he was filmed zooming by on a bike on the way to his concert and the perfect words to caption the situation would have been, "Karachi traffic, am I right?" While a lot of netizens have lauded the singer for doing the most to keep up with his professional commitments, others have expressed disappointment, calling him out for always being late.

Aslam was holding a concert in Karachi on Dec 24 and due to extreme traffic, he ditched his car and hopped on the back of a bike to be driven to his concert at the KN Academy. He was recorded by bystanders and the clip has been circulating on social media.

Most fans looked at this act with the utmost adoration and sang praises for the singer, claiming that he never disappoints.

Some said their respect for him rose.

Another user elevated Aslam's rank, saying he "struggled" in a way the user wouldn't have done.

Karachiites must relate!

There's always that one person who needs to seize the opportunity for a "mehngaai" [inflation] joke.

But there were also some people who weren't as forgiving. Under a post by Niche Lifestyle, netizens claimed that Aslam arrived at 12am, five hours later than the time he was supposed to and that this wasn't the first time he'd done this.

People called on their fellow internet users to stop glorifying celebrities for doing their job. Some said the concert was held pretty far away and Aslam being late meant that they had a long journey home late at night.

This netizen compared the situation to someone trying to reach their office on time, trying to prove doing one's job is the bare minimum and that should apply to celebrities just as it does to everyone else.

What do you think about musicians being late to their own concerts?


Sane Mind1st Dec 27, 2021 05:09pm
It's a publicity stunt. Mind me.
Achakzai Dec 27, 2021 05:15pm
Tamilselvan Dec 27, 2021 05:21pm
Salute to this singer in not disappointing his fans and doing his job. Congratulations from India
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Dec 27, 2021 05:43pm
Great move to beat the clock with a superb contingency plan and its timely execution.
D’Souza Dec 27, 2021 05:46pm
He should’ve used his bike right from his house. Then this would’ve been believable
M. Saeed Dec 27, 2021 05:47pm
Why even a sneeze of a celebrity is a top news?
Naseer Dec 27, 2021 05:58pm
Dair lagi any mein tum ko Shuker hai phir bhi aaey tuo.... Keep doing that and qaum will prefix "late latif"
M Ayyaz Dec 27, 2021 06:03pm
I believe unnecessary criticism should be avoided, If he was really late because of the traffic and he rode a bicycle to fulfil his words then I think this should be appreciated.
LAHORI KID Dec 27, 2021 08:17pm
Why does everything must be analyzed? Why must the public be so damn opinionated ?
NYS Dec 27, 2021 09:39pm
Professional attitude is not that you awake when time was passed ,think how audience is passionate and want big from celeb.... these excuses are not acceptable when you interviewed job application either
Cye Dec 27, 2021 09:50pm
@Sane Mind1st I don’t think so.
Waseem Dec 28, 2021 01:49am
How about a helmet the brave one! When you are a role model you should exhibit in all aspects of your life.
Ilovehelen Dec 28, 2021 02:16am
So English Prime Minister comes to his office on a bicycle and it's not even news worthy but a singer by luck gets on a bike and it's news. "First world vs Third world" cannot be highlighted better than this.
Lakhkar khan Dec 28, 2021 06:53am
@Sane Mind1st - yet, Atif is laughing all the way to the back and you are not!!!!
Uzair Dec 28, 2021 09:10am
Bikes are the best way to commute in Karachi/Lahore - cheapest and fastest.
Alpha Male Dec 28, 2021 09:57am
@Tamilselvan Reportedly 5 hours late! Not professional at all!
FAISAL IQBAL Dec 28, 2021 10:45am
@Tamilselvan indeed dear !
asim Dec 28, 2021 02:01pm
@Sane Mind1st Even if it is, well he set an example to 'be there or be square' as 'a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.'