What does Dawn.com want to leave behind in 2021?

For us in the newsroom, the year's passing is the perfect opportunity to leave behind baggage we've grown tired of lugging around.
29 Dec, 2021

What do you leave behind this year? Here at Dawn.com, we mulled over this question a lot. It was a question that had us knee-deep in introspection, but we all put on our thinking caps and pulled through — and we finally have our answers!

For many of us here in the newsroom, the end of 2021 is the perfect opportunity to leave behind the baggage we've grown tired of lugging around, and for each of us that means different things.

Jahanzaib Haque, Dawn.com Editor

There are two things I want to leave behind in 2021 — one bad and one good.

The bad: Laughably bad conspiracy theories that unfortunately led even intelligent, well meaning folk down a destructive path of apathy, paranoia, dread and hate.

The good: A legacy of strong, independent journalism. A body of important, meaningful work published across an incredibly challenging year by arguably the best digital newsroom/editorial staff in Pakistan. I'm super proud of my team.

Soomal Haleem, Images Sub-editor

I would like to leave behind all of my brain’s unnecessary luggage that prevents me from boarding the flight. I would like to leave behind all that’s run past its expiration date. I would also like to leave behind crappy food around bedtime because cavities SUCK (I type this as I unwrap a Kinder Bueno in bed).

Siham Basir, Images Managing Editor

I’d like to leave behind internet trolls and social media comment sections.

Comment sections on Instagram and other social media platforms are often where people gather just to fling hate for the sake of hating. I’m not talking about constructive criticism or actual well-reasoned arguments — I’m talking about comments on people’s appearances, lifestyles, personal choices and opinions where expletives are used like punctuation and punctuation isn’t used at all.

Can we just get over judging people with different opinions or at least agree to leave personal attacks out of our disagreements? — signed a sasti liberal feminazi lifafa journalist

Shahzeb Ahmed, Editorial Consultant

Bigotry, religious hatred and persecution in the name of religion. While we're at it, let's leave behind Aamir Liaquat's TV appearances and Waqar Zaka's YouTube channel too.

Zohaib Ahmed, News Editor

I'd like to leave behind Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik. I'm not hating or anything but these two have been around for ages and I've personally grown tired of watching them year after year. Let's bring in some new blood and some fresh faces.

Marsha Tayyab, Images Sub-editor

I would like to leave behind my obsession with chai because when it comes to that there is no going back and I could chug a gallon if need be. Perhaps it's just a Pakistani thing to be obsessed with it but I want to minimise my obsession as we step into 2022.

Adeel Ahmed, Assistant News Editor

My answer is Covid-19 brain fog. One inevitable consequence of the pandemic is the uncertainty it has caused and the back-and-forth between work-from-home and work-from-office has been brain fog (yes, it's a real thing) — and I wish we no longer have to deal with it in 2022.

Pernia Mubashir, Images Sub-editor

I really want to leave behind the water kettle — a contraption that I and many others folks in Karachi bought after we started facing extreme gas shortage this winter. My gas geezer stands idle all day now and with no hot water in the pipes, I've been taking lukewarm balti baths since the start of the season.

Looks like gas is the thing we collectively left behind in 2020 because there's none of it in my neighbourhood in 2021.

Zahrah Mazhar, Dawn.com Managing Editor

Hypothetically: Travel restrictions.

Realistically: Full beam headlights.

Wishfully: Inept leaders.

Omer Hayat, News Editor

Not just me but many of us are done with lockdowns and having to stay indoors for weeks and months on end. For me, the suffering is exacerbated because I live alone and my evenings are often spent at cafes and restaurants, socialising with friends. Really hoping that the last of the lockdowns are done and that we don't see another Covid wave wreak havoc with our lives.

Syed Talal Ahsan, Assistant Multimedia Producer

I think most of us can agree that 2022 would be better off without Hania Aamir and her inane antics to stay in the social media limelight. Once or twice is good but I think it would do Hania, social media and internet gossip some good if they left each other alone for some time, found new people and tried new experiences. I mean, be honest, does anyone really care if Hania turned her back on Asim Azhar's performance?

Sheneir Khan, Interactive Producer

If there’s one thing I want to leave behind in 2021, it’s definitely CARBS! Trying really hard to start the new year with a healthier lifestyle by slowly cutting down on carbs and bad eating habits. (but it’s just so difficult to think about a life without bread, how sad).

Sana Chaudhry, Multimedia Producer

The one thing that I want to leave behind in 2021? Fear.

The Covid-19 pandemic coupled with being in your mid to late twenties isn't exactly a winning combination. Being afraid of the virus, while also being petrified of what is my next step in life has kept me up more than a few nights. So for 2022, I want to keep my fears aside and just be; embrace the unknown with open arms and cast all fear and anxiety to the side. Sounds easier said than done, but life is nothing if not a constant cycle of trying and failing and then trying again.

So, that's it from our end. What are some things you would like to leave behind in 2021 before starting the new year afresh?

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