Five songs to honour Rahat Fateh Ali Khan on his 47th birthday

Five songs to honour Rahat Fateh Ali Khan on his 47th birthday

The maestro is one of the greatest names in the Pakistani music industry today.
09 Dec, 2021

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is to music what popcorn is to movies — the experience is so much better with him involved. The maestro's voice is equivalent to the ear version of eye candy and can transport you to a whole new world without taking you anywhere physically. The singer and qawaal turned 47 today (December 9) and we're looking back on some of his timeless tracks in his honour.

Pakistan has a rich musical history especially where qawaalis are concerned. The soulful sound is appreciated by anyone who hears it — grasping the meaning is not necessary. But that's the beauty of music, it needs no translation.

The Fateh Ali Khan family seems to have music running in the blood as after his uncle Nusrat, Rahat has risen high, accomplishing so much. He has been part of Coke Studio and his voice touches hearts beyond borders — his music for Bollywood is very popular. The qawaal was awarded a lifetime achievement award earlier this year too.

He also has a YouTube channel with millions of followers and this year one of his older music videos crossed a billion views proving his iconic music has no full stop when it comes to time.

'Mere Rashke Qamar'

This number is a sure favourite among qawaali lovers and anyone who's heard it can't forget the tune.

'Sochta Hoon Ke Woh Kitne Masoom Thay'

This one has you singing along, making you feel things you have no reason to feel otherwise.

'Yeh Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai'

This soft track is sure to bring peace to the listener.

'Zaroori Tha'

The music video with one billion views had to make it in the list.


This neat track will calmly command attention and have you hooked.

Some others that shouldn't be missed include 'Tumhe Dillagi Bhool Jaani Paregi', 'Afreen Afreen', 'Saanu Ik Pal' and 'Dil Tou Bacha Hai Jee'.

Twitter users also started posting birthday wishes for the singer.

We wish the grand master a great birthday!